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Try DI!

Try Di!: Planning & Preparing a Differentiated Instruction Program

The College of Extended and Global Education is proud to partner with Virtual Education Software (VESi), a leading provider of accredited online courses for educators. These online professional development courses are written by top educators and provide relevant and interactive instruction on a wide variety of subjects.

Online courses work with your schedule, allowing you to participate when it’s most convenient for you. Each course instructor is available for professional questions by e-mail or a toll-free phone number. Courses are offered for either 3 or 4.5 semester units of continuing education-level credit. Most students can complete 3-unit courses in about 30 hours and 4.5-unit courses in about 45 hours. You may register for these courses at any time during the semester however you have 16 weeks to finish the course from the time of enrollment.

VESi courses are now tablet-compatible, making it easy for you to log-in to your course at anytime and anywhere!

Course Description

Units: 4.5
Price: $595

This interactive, computer-based instruction course is designed help you to learn about an instructional framework, Differentiated Instruction (DI), which aims to create supportive learning environments for diverse learning populations. Participants will be presented a method to self-assess the extent to which their current instructional approach reflects the perspective, principles and practices of the DI approach. Strategies included in this course are effective in the widest possible range of educational K-12 settings. This course is meant to follow "Why DI?: An Introduction to Differentiated Instruction," which addresses the "What, Why and Who" of a classroom that reflects a DI approach. The focus of "Try DI!: Planning & Preparing a Differentiated Instruction Program" covers the "When, Where and How" of the DI approach.


* Fees are subject to change