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ISPP Rotation Site Requirements

Choosing Sponsoring Facilities

  • The ISPP Program Coordinator takes full responsibility to schedule the rotation sites for the local interns.

  • However, distance/remote interns will need to take the responsibility of designing their own rotations and securing the rotation sites with the approval of the ISPP Program Coordinator and the prospective facilities. The rotation sites must be approved by the ISPP Program Coordinator and he/she will work with the interns to modify the sites, if needed; and to establish the site agreement between CSUSB and the rotation site. The ISPP Program Manager and Program Coordinator will work with the sites and CSUSB to establish the site agreement.

Additional Orientation Programs

Some rotation sites require interns to attend their mandatory orientation program. Therefore, interns must check-in with the facility at least three weeks before the start of the rotation to make sure that all necessary clearance, orientation, and forms are complete. DO NOT wait until the first day of rotation to check-in with the facility or preceptor.

Finding Rotation Sites

To find and secure rotation sites, interns are advised to use some or all of the following:

  1. Use the suggested rotation schedule as your guide to formulate/develop their rotations.

  2. Attend/participate in local district and state Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meeting to network with registered dietitians in your area to secure rotations.

  3. Ask your DPD program directors to assist and secure the internship preceptors and rotations.

Requirements for Preceptors and Rotation Sites 

  1. When remote/distance interns find possible rotation sites, the ISPP Program Manager will send the CSUSB ISPP affiliation agreement template to the prospective preceptors. The ISPP Program Manager will also help to obtain signature from CSUSB purchasing department to complete the affiliation agreement and certificate of liability insurance (Appendix 8.1d).

  2. Once the site is secured, interns are asked to start the affiliation agreement process since it may take months to have the agreement signed by both parties.

  3. The ISPP Program Coordinator will send the 'preceptor qualification form' to interns so that prospective preceptors can complete and return it to the ISPP Program Coordinator to assess the preceptor’s qualifications. 

  4. Preceptors are encouraged to become members of AND/NDEP and submit receipts to the ISPP Program Coordinator for reimbursement. 

  5. Prior to the start of the intern rotations, the ISPP Program Coordinator sends the preceptor handbook to all preceptors to use as a guide

  6. The ISPP Program Coordinator and DPD program director are available to all local and remote interns, as well as all preceptors, for any discussions, consultations and problem-solving.

Supervised Practice Documentation

All interns must complete their timesheet during their rotation schedule. If rotation hours do not meet the planned hours, interns will need to make up their absent time per the preceptor’s discretion. Final timesheets must be signed by the preceptor and submitted to the ISPP program coordinator for evaluation and filing.

Preceptor Qualifications Form