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ISPP Fees and Financing

ISPP Program Expenses

Detailed program costs and estimated expenses can be found in the Program Brochure, under Tuition and Fees.

Submit payment through this form.

Application Fee, Tuition & Orientation Fee
Application Fee $75 (waived)
Tuition $9,700
Orientation Fee* - ($0 = virtual or $300 = on campus) $0 or $300

*Due to COVID-19, the 2021 orientation will be virtual and no fee will be collected.

Financing the ISPP Program

Interns may apply for private loans for the certificate ISPP Program. Private grants or scholarships, as well as low interest loans, may be available from corporations, community, civic groups, religious or professional organizations, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation, the California Dietetic Association Foundation, and the CSUSB Foundation. These organizations set their own application deadline so interns should visit the appropriate websites to obtain application information. Scholarship eligibility criteria for the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation is usually published on the  You will need to apply for the ANDF scholarship by the deadline, which varies each year. Go to Foundation of the Academy ( or CAND Foundation ( for information about applications. Your local dietetic association may offer a scholarship or award that may help cover study review courses and/or exam fees. 

ISPP interns are not eligible for the on campus financial aid program. While completing the ISPP Program, interns may complete a form and request for federal loan deferment (Appendix 6 of the ISPP Interns Handbook). If interns have a private loan, they will have to provide their lender’s form to the ISPP Program Manager in the College of Extended and Global Education.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Students must officially notify the College of Extended and Global Education in writing and prior to the tuition fee deadline to request a withdrawal and a refund of any tuition fee payments made, minus the $500 nonrefundable deposit. The tuition fee deadline can be found in the current ISPP brochure. In the event of a program cancellation due to insufficient enrollment or other reasons, a full refund of fees will be made. An ISPP intern who decides to withdraw from the dietetic internship and does not plan to complete the internship program at CSUSB prior to the start of the supervised-practice may receive a refund if the slot vacated can be replaced by another intern. However, the ISPP application fee and program deposit will not be refunded. To contact the College of Extended and Global Education in writing, e-mail the ISPP Program Manager or