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ISPP Course Schedule and Dates

Suggested Rotation Schedule (dates will vary depending on the site)
Track Tentative Dates Rotation Hours
Orientation: July 28: 9 to 1 & all day on July 31 to Aug 4, 2023 (Friday to Friday) Virtual via zoom. Interns will complete the pretests over the weekend. n/a
August 7 – Sept 29, 2023 Community 200
October 2 – to January 5, 2024 Management (school district, long term care, hospital and/or others) 320
January 8– April 20, 2024 MNT, renal/dialysis, 400
April 22 – June 29, 2024 Electives 80

Total: 1,000*

*Some of the hours will be completed using case studies and scenarios.

The program’s MNT emphasis will provide interns with additional experience in their specialty before entering their professions. The MNT rotation sites can be a long-term care, an inpatient or outpatient setting, which could also be the site of a community rotation depending on the facility. Interns have 11-months to complete the ISPP rotations even though some may be able to complete them sooner. Interns will be issued a VS-ISPP, upon completion of all program requirement and submission of the portfolio, by the DPD Director, the necessary paperwork will be submitted to CDR by the DPD Director, which will allow the graduate to take the registration exam to become a RDN.