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MBA Student Ambassadors are a prestigious team of MBA students, who work closely with the MBA Director and MBA Program Staff to represent the graduate student body. MBA Student Ambassadors are responsible for supporting prospective, new and current students, their families, guests, alumni, business partners and friends of the college and university. Additionally, by assisting at MBA Program events, providing campus tours and interacting with students through e-mail, social media, and promote the image of the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration (JHBC). Ambassadors are highly visible members of the MBA Program Team helping build a strong graduate student community across CSUSB and strength ties between the MBA Program and students.

MBA Student Ambassadors are students who have demonstrated a high potential for academic success, community service, fostering diversity, and leadership. Participation in the Ambassador Program will demonstrate the importance of interacting with fellow students and show them the impact that becoming involved in the campus community can have. Ambassadors are selected through an application process reviewed by the MBA Program. Only current MBA students are eligible to apply. Candidates are held to the highest standards of excellence. 

MBA Ambassadors

MBA Student Ambassadors

2019-20 MBA Student Ambassadors

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Angelica Agudo 
MBA Candidate, Student Professional MBA Program

Angelica is finishing the second year in the Master of Business Administration program at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration (JHBC), California State University, San Bernardino. She decided to return to pursue her Masters after 18+ years in the workforce. Angelica has been with the Rialto Unified School District for 14 years.  In addition to her professional work, Angelica teaches for the Information and Decision Sciences department and is a Graduate Assistant for Dr. He.  Besides her work in school, teaching, and as an MBA student ambassador, she was a Global Ambassador for the Center for Global Management and a Trendsetter for the Office of Academic Equity.

Angelica earned her AA from Chaffey College in 2015, her BA in Psychology in June 2018 from CSUSB, she will earn her Professional MBA in the spring of 2020. She is a fulltime student, full-time professional, and mother. Her passion focuses on empowering others and being an advocate for all students by helping, guiding and becoming a resource on and off-campus.   

Yomara Donis
Yomara Donis MBA Candidate, Student Ambassador Cyber Security, and Management dual focus

Yomara is currently dual focusing in Cybersecurity and Management and has a B.A. from CSUSB in Human Resource Management. She has previously held positions in the SHRM club and is certified in Security +. Yomara is a recipient of the National Science Foundation CyberCorps Scholarship for Service (SFS) award and is the current ASI Student representative for the Jack H. Brown College as well as a member of the InfraGard Los Angeles Chapter. 

During the 2018/2019 academic year, Yomara was the ASI Board of Directors Graduate Student representative and the Director of Outreach for the SWiCS club. In her free time, Yomara likes to volunteer for different student groups and with cyber-related clubs.

Christopher Greder
Christopher Greder MBA Candidate, Student Ambassador Accounting & Cybersecurity dual focus

Christopher received two Bachelor Degrees from CSUSB, a BA in Administration concentrating in Accounting and a BS in Administration concentrating in Cyber Security. He is currently in the second year of his MBA program with dual concentration areas of Accounting and Cyber Security.

In addition to his multiple degrees, Christopher is active and holds many positions in different clubs on campus. He is the current Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Vice President, formerly the Vice President of Reporting for Beta Alpha Psi (BAP), and a member of the Cyber Intelligence & Security Organization formerly known as the InfoSec club. He works as a Graduate Assistant for Dr. Nestler, mainly assisting with the IST 511 course.

Pablo Gutierrez Cervantes MBA Candidate, Student Ambassador Cybersecurity & Marketing dual focus

Pablo is an international student from Mexico finishing his last year of his Master in Business Administration, focusing on Cyber Security and Marketing. In 2016, he received his Bachelor's Degree in Actuarial Science and a diploma in Mathematics. Besides working on his Masters, Pablo is a Graduate Assistant with the Office of Graduate Studies working on Marketing and Recruitment, sits on multiple review committees and the Commuter Engagement Committee. Pablo takes full advantage of everything CSUSB has to offer by participating in multiple study abroad programs like South Korea, China, and Germany.


Ayesha Khalid MBA Candidate,  Student Ambassador Finance and Business Intelligence and Information Systems dual focus

In 2016, Ayesha graduated from CSU, San Bernardino with a BA in Business Administration, focusing on Finance. Ayesha has been working in the accounting and finance industry since 2009, and most recently transitioned to an Accountant position with Marriot Inc. Soon after, she decided to pursue her MBA with a focus in Accounting.

Not only is she working on her last year in the MBA program, but she is also studying for the CPA exam, working fulltime, interning with the City of Rancho Cucamonga and runs her own business. Located in the Palm Desert area, Ayesha is passionate about her studies, her work and helping others. During her free time, she volunteers at the FIND Food Bank.

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Taylor McSween MBA Candidate, Student Ambassador Management focus

Taylor graduated in 2019 with her BA in Human Resource Management and a minor in Finance from Cal State San Bernardino. She entered the next quarter into her MBA program with a concentration in Management. During her tenure at CSUSB, she has been highly involved with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) student chapter. Recently, she accepted the position of club President.

Outside of her study, Taylor works for the IE Women’s Business Center and is a member of the MBA service team. Taylor enjoys the field of HR, but one day wishes to open her own business-consulting firm. She is active in the campus community and enjoys sharing her passion for HR with others.

Audrey Robertson
Audrey Robertson MBA Candidate, Student Ambassador Professional MBA Program 

As a CSUSB undergraduate student, Audrey majored in Kinesiology, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. Afterward, she entered the field of Physical Therapy where she supervised a team of administrative staff. After 12 years, Audrey is a CSUSB re-entry student who is now focused on earning a Professional MBA degree. She will be graduating in the spring of 2020.


In addition to serving as an MBA Ambassador, Audrey also volunteers on the Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU) Board of Directors. She currently manages duties as the SMSU Financial Controller for the 2019-2020 school year.


In her spare time, Audrey instructs herself in learning American Sign Language (ASL). Her goal is to become fluent in ASL and culturally assimilate into the deaf community. Moreover, Audrey enjoys the performing arts, being physically active, and traveling.

Francis Shi

Francis (Jian) Shi MBA Candidate, Student Ambassador Business Intelligence and Information Systems focus

Francis (Jian) current works in the hospitality management field. He studies hospitality and restaurant management at Mt. San Antonio College where he received his AA then on to Cal Poly Pomona for his BA in the same area of study. He is currently studying for his MBA in Business Intelligence and Information Systems and will graduate in the spring of 2021.

His current role with Sodexo is as a Food Service Supervisor at Mt. San Antonio College. Along with his current duties, he is certified in ServSafe and manages the courses taught at the college. Francis is hoping that his course of study will lead him into a more successful job field and help him open his own business in the future.

Arcky Vielma

Arcky Vielma MBA Candidate, Student Ambassador Cybersecurity focus 

Arcky is nearing completion of the first year of his MBA program. Currently studying Cyber Security, he is a recipient of the National Science Foundation CyberCorps Scholarship for Service (SFS).  After his time in the military, Arcky earned his BS from Cal State San Bernardino in Information system and Technology with a concentration in Cyber Security Intelligence. Besides his studies, Arcky is certified in CompTIA Security+, Access Data Certified Examiner, v6 and First-Aid/CPR.

In addition to his status as a full-time MBA student, Arcky working with the CSUSB Cyber Intelligence and Security Organization, oversees a student lab, is the CSUSB Coyote Amateur Radio Club Vice President, a member of the Graduate Student Board and the InfraGard Los Angeles Chapter. To relax from the pressures of student life Arcky seeks training in Jiu-Jitsu.


David Wright-Huynh MBA Candidate, Student Ambassador Professional MBA Program

David received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Western Michigan University in 2008; he is pursuing his professional MBA.  Currently, he works as an Engineering Supervisor for a premier aerospace company.  His department specializes in cross-functional communication and issue resolution of prototype aircraft manufacturing and design. 

David is passionate about helping others succeed; being a student ambassador is one of the ways he chooses to give back. Being from the Midwest, David enjoys the outdoors and getting to know the state in which he now resides. He takes advantage of the many adventures the CSUSB Rec & Wellness center has to offer.