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Alumni Testimonials

What our alumni are saying...


Below is a short list of testimonial excerpts from CSUSB MBA program alumni:

  • "My main reason for pursuing an MBA is to build a more knowledgeable foundation to support my current role and best prepare myself for future opportunities. The real-world, at-work benefits from the CSUSB MBA program have been almost immediate. Each course has helped me make better decisions, provide better leadership, and improve how I communicate recommendations to the VPs and C-Suite." 
  • "The knowledge in management and supply chain that I had learned in my MBA classes made me an asset to my company and led to my latest promotion, despite having only been with the company for a year and a half."
  • "The MBA staff gave me opportunities to excel outside the classroom and gain leadership skills by becoming a student ambassador. They made my experience at CSUSB incredible."
  • "The CSUSB MBA program selects the most elite and qualified professors who provide a rich learning experience and the finest quality of education."
  • "The MBA faculty have been very supportive and understanding. They offer me guidance whenever I need it. They have equipped me with the research and decision-making skills necessary for my career goals."
  • "The MBA program enhances the necessary business practices, skills and knowledge of each individual student so that they can succeed in any professional endeavor they choose to pursue."
  • "CSUSB taught from a positive place like my previous business classes and was a perfect fit for me. Through my experiences in the social sciences I believe that I have gathered many people skills and the basics of business from different perspectives."
  • "Getting enrolled in MBA not only helped me to overcome the barriers to cultural diversity, but also helped me to engage in interactive discussions and learning with classmates from different educational and cultural backgrounds working in different fields of business."
  • "I am beyond proud of my achievements, because they required a lot of hard work. I know that what I have accomplished during my time as an MBA student will help guide me in my career."
  • "The courses were strategically scheduled in the beginning of the class to get to know everyone outside the classroom atmosphere via blackboard and introductions, while encouraging us to work together on projects, and it presented some real time opportunity to demonstrate true leadership."
  • "I can definitely say, that the MBA program had a direct impact on my professional growth. It gave me the tools and confidence to step out of my comfort zone and achieve higher goals."
  • "The MBA program not only expanded my horizons academically, but it also provided the perfect setting to meet and develop effective relationships with other students facing similar challenges or supporting similar industries and organizations."


For MBA Alumna Sharon Tewari's testimonial, view her story on YouTube at
View MBA Alumna Sharon Tewari's story on YouTube at