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All students are required to successfully complete the MBA Bootcamp modules prior to the end of their program.  The MBA Bootcamp is a series of six (6) mini self-study modules designed to assist you in preparing for the essential course content in the MBA Program.  It is recommended for students to complete the corresponding bootcamp module, before enrollment in the essential course. This will require a student to set aside 60-90 hours in total, with approximately 10-15 hours for each module. A list of the modules is provided below.  

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Information Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Management
  • Marketing

You will need to achieve a passing score on the assessments at the end of the course modules. The assessments can be retaken until you have achieved a passing score.


Upon admittance, you will receive more information about the bootcamps. You will be given access to the modules in Canvas to view the PowerPoint, presentations, academics readings, and other materials that will prepare you to be successful in the program.