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Traditional MBA

The Traditional Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program provides post-baccalaureate students with a high-quality, master-level education in the field of business administration. The program is designed to prepare promising students for positions of increasing responsibility and leadership through education in the broad scope of business. It is open to all qualified students regardless of undergraduate major.

The degree program is 36-42 units and includes 12-14 units (3-5 classes) from one of the following focus areas/concentration courses, chosen in consultation with an advisor.

Focus Areas


Provides an emphasis on public accounting, management accounting, or internal auditing: or, in the areas of government and not-for-profit accounting or taxation.

Advising Accounting Focus Area Sheet


Learn the skills and applications for securing information systems and assuring the integrity of an organization’s operational information from a S.T.E.M. designated program. Discover the balance between technology, policy, practice, awareness, and training of information assurance and security.

Advising Cybersecurity Focus Area Sheet


For those interested in starting their own business or working effectively in the fast-paced world of growing companies. In addition to the emphasis on start-up companies and small business management, this concentration examines the strategies used by larger corporations to tap the entrepreneurial spirit.


The finance concentration is designed for those seeking advancement or employment in banks, brokerage firms, investment banking, consulting firms, insurance companies, credit unions, or with other institutions that make financial decisions.


Focuses on human behavior aspects of organizations such as communication, motivation, leadership, group and team performance, employee selection, and prepares individuals for a variety of careers in the management and human resource fields.

Advising Management Focus Area Sheet


Provides for specialization in marketing, the business function that identifies unfulfilled needs and wants, defines and measures their magnitude, determines which target market the organization can best serve and decides on appropriate products and services.

Advising Marketing Focus Area Sheet

Global Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is the network of organizations that work together to produce and deliver a product or service.

For a complete description of courses, please refer to the University's Bulletin of Courses.