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Requirements for Graduation

Earning an MBA Degree

The Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration awards the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree.  To earn the MBA, you must:

  1. A grade point average of 3.0 ("B") in all course work taken after admission to conditionally classified or classified status, and grades of "C" (2.0) or better in all courses in the program;
  2. After advancement to candidacy, students must complete ADMN 691, an experiential course integrating the MBA core, in addition to what may be required by their focus area (e.g. thesis, project or comprehensive exam);
  3. Successful completion of ADMN 691 meets the culminating experience requirement and successful completion (a grade of B, 3.0, or better) in ADMN 602 meets the graduate writing requirement;
  4. Students are expected to complete online MBA Business Boot Camp before the start of their second quarter, unless later completion is approved by the MBA program. Prior to enrolling in each Essential class and Advancement to Candidacy, students are required to complete the associated MBA Boot Camp module;
  5. Successful completion of Foundation, Essential, and Elective/ Focus Area classes as shown in the "Degree Requirements";
  6. No more than 8 quarter units of lower than 600-level course work;
  7. Successful completion of ADMN 995 (MBA Portfolio) which includes preparation and submission of a portfolio of course work. The portfolio includes a reflective essay showing how the portfolio demonstrates accomplishment of essential goals for the program. Students register for this 0-unit course after advancement to candidacy, completion of 32 units of coursework, and are eligible for ADMN 691;
  8. A minimum of 48 quarter units for the Professional and the Executive Options or 60 quarter units for the Traditional MBA of acceptable graduate-level work, consistent with the program plan (with a minimum GPA of 3.0);
  9. At least 70% of the units for the degree completed at California State University at San Bernardino;
  10. Any additional general requirements not cited above and listed in Graduate Degree Program Requirements.

A "no credit" (NC) designation will be entered on the student's transcript if he/she fails the MBA Culminating Experience course. Students who do not receive a passing grade on the first attempt must petition the college's director of graduate studies for permission to retake the culminating experience.

Students wishing to change from one option to another must reapply to the desired option, meeting all admission requirements.

Degree Requirements for the Master of Business Administration (60 units)

Degree Requirements for the MBA (60 units)
Code Title Credits
Foundation (8)    
ADMN 601 Data-Driven Decision Making 4
ADMN 602 Advanced Managerial Communications 4
Essentials (28)    
ACCT 606 Accounting for Managerial Decision-Making 4
FIN 602 Financial Theory and Corporate Finance 4
IST 609 Information Systems and Technology Management 4
MGMT 601 Organization Theory and Behavior 4
MGMT 685 Corporate Strategy in a Global Economy 4
MKTG 605 Marketing Management 4
SCM 607 Managing the Supply Chain 4
Culminating Experience (4)    
ADMN 691 Culminating Business Analyst Project 4
ADMN 995 MBA Portfolio 0
Professional and Executive Options - Electives (8). Choose any 500 or 600-level course from the focus areas (ADMN, ACCT, CYBER, ENT, FIN, IST, MGMT, MKTG, SCM) in consultation with academic advisor.  
  Professional students may also select the Cyber Security Focus (20 units), as outlined below instead of 8 units of electives as outlined above.  
Focus Area (20)    
Twenty units from one of the following focus areas, chosen in consultation with an advisor.   20
Total Units   60


Cyber Security Focus (Program Code: CSEC)

Cyber Security Focus
Code Title Credits
IST 511 Cyber Defense 4
IST 610 Information Assurance Policy and Management 4
IST 646 Information Systems Planning, Strategy and Policy 4
IST 647 Information Based Management 4
IST 648 Information Networking Systems and Security 4
Total Units   20


Entrepreneurship Focus (Program Code: ENTP)

Entrepreneurship Focus
Code Title Credits
ENTR 621 Entrepreneurship and New Ventures 4
ENTR 623 Piloting the New Venture 4
ENTR 625 New Venture Planning and Strategy 4
ENTR 998 Reflective Essay 4
Eight units chosen from:   8
ENTR 541 Commercializing Entrepreneurial Innovation  
ENTR 545 New Venture Resource Requirements  
ENTR 547 Managing a Growing Business  
ENTR 620 Business Law for Entrepreneurs  
Total Units   20


Finance Focus (Program Code: FINN)

Finance Focus Area requires students to successfully pass ADMN 999 Comprehensive Exam (0 unit) for graduation.  Before taking ADMN 999, students are required to finish FIN 651, FIN 653, FIN 654, and FIN 680.

Fiance Focus
Code Title Credits
FIN 651 Financial Institutions and Markets 4
FIN 653 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 4
FIN 654 International Finance 4
FIN 680 Corporate Financial Strategy 4
ADMN 999 Comprehensive Examination 0
Four units chosen from:   4
FIN 523 Security Trading and Analysis  
FIN 527 Financial Derivatives  
FIN 546 Student Managed Investment Fund  
FIN 555 Trade and Business in Asia  
FIN 585 Real Estate Finance  
FIN 622 Entrepreneurial and Venture Finance  
FIN 655 Management of Financial Institutions  
FIN 675 Internship  
FIN 690 Advanced Topics in Finance  
IST 646 Information Systems Planning, Strategy and Policy  
Total Units   20


Global Supply Chain Management Focus (Program Code: GSCH)

Global Supply Chain Management Focus
Code Title Credits
SCM 515 Project Management 4
SCM 611 Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics 4
SCM 660 Transportation and Supply Chain Management 4
SCM 690 Seminar in Supply Chain and Transportation Strategy 4
Four units chosen from:   4
SCM 590 Seminar in Supply Chain Management  
SCM 614 Advanced Quality Management  
SCM 650 Information Decision Systems  
MGMT 626 International New Venture Development  
MGMT 650 Managing and Leading Global Business  
MKTG 696 Marketing Strategy  
Total Units   20


Management Focus (Program Code: MANM)

Management Focus
Code Title Credits
Twenty units chosen from:   20
ADMN 580A-E Doing Business Internationally  
MGMT 641 Managing Human Resources  
MGMT 642 Communication and Interpersonal Processes  
MGMT 644 Industrial Relations  
MGMT 645 Negotiation and Bargaining  
MGMT 650 Managing and Leading Global Business  
MGMT 655 Leadership for Modern Organizations  
MGMT 660 Managing Teams in the Workplace  
MGMT 690 Advanced Topics in Management  
COMM 522 Mediation Theory and Practice  
Total Units   20


Marketing Management Focus (Program Code: MRKM)

Marketing Management Focus
Code Title Credits
MKTG 610 or Consumer and Organizational Buying Behavior 4
MKTG 620 Advertising Management 4
MKTG 640 Advanced Marketing Research 4
MKTG 696 Marketing Strategy 4
Eight units from 500- or 600-level courses chosen in consultation with an advisor.    
Total Units   20