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Requesting course overloads virtually

If a student wants permission for an overload they should email the instructor of the class they are trying to add, asking for permission. The student needs to email from a student email account (i.e. not a personal account. 

  1. Include the following in your email: 
  • Full name and Coyote ID
  • Course Information (ex: ENG 311, Section 02, Call Number 41793)

Processing After: 

  1. The instructor will forward the email to the department chair.
  2. Chair will forward with approval, along with the prior email chain to the CAL Associate Dean. 
  3. Associate Dean will forward his/her approval to the Registrar's Office, who will handle the permits. 
  4. Registrar's Office will contact the student to let them know they have been registered into the course. 

*please keep in mind these are requests for permission and approval is not guaranteed 


If a student wants to request a course substitution, they should email the Liberal Studies Coordinator, Professor Kelly Straight Dortch ( The student needs to email from a student email account (i.e. not a personal account. 

Include the following in the email:

  1. The request must be specific and provide expressed authorization from the student for the Coordinator to make changes to their PAWS report.

    1. "I, Students Full Name, would like to seek a substitution of ENG 320 for HUM 595D. If approved, I grant Professor Dortch permission to make the necessary changes to my PAWS report."
  2. Full name and Coyote ID 
  3. Course information for the completed course 
    1. Course Number: HUM 595D
    2. Course Title: Independent Study in the Humanities
    3. Term/Year Taken: Spring 2020
    4. Institution: CSUSB
  4. Requirement the student believes the completed course should fulfill
    1. Course Number: ENG 320
    2. Course Title: Children's Literature

Please note that all emails must be from official CSUSB email address to be considered.

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