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Phase 1 Credential Program Consent Form - For Integrated Concentration Only

Integrated Concentration Students who have registered for their final semester of BA level coursework, and who are applying for admission to the Credential phase of their program at CSUSB, should submit the following form to request certification that they are eligible to begin their credential courses.

Phase I Clearance Form

Request for Livescan Form

Students need to obtain a certificate of clearance in order to complete their student observations (when taking EDMS 2301] and when applying for admission to the credential program. Instructions for obtaining and certificate of clearance and a link to the Live Scan Service request form are here:

How to Obtain a Certificate of Clearance Document

Request for Certificate of Clearance Form

Basic Skills Proficiency Coursework

The following document lists the courses that students must complete with grade of B- or better in order to qualify for the Basic Skills Proficiency Waiver (CBEST waiver) for the CSUSB credential program.

Basic Skills Proficiency Form

Students who do not qualify for a waiver based on coursework would take some or all of the components of the CBEST exam.

CBEST exam registration

Instructions for Requesting Course Overloads Virtually

Students can follow this link for instructions from the Office of the Registrar regarding the online add process for courses needing permission from faculty and chairs to register.

Enrollment: Permission Request “How To” Guide

Other Office of the Registrar Forms

A wide range of other Registrar’s Office forms can be found here. Common forms needed by Liberal Studies students would include Cross Enrollment forms to and from Community Colleges

Registrar Forms

College of Education

Please check the upcoming Informational Sessions (make sure to choose the correct program that best meets your needs)

Please check the admission deadlines set by the College of Education

For other information about the Credential Info, please click here

CSUSB Student Support Offices and Centers

ASI (Associated Students Incorporated)

Basic Needs Support

CAPS: Counseling and Psychological Services


Career Center

Cross-Cultural Center

Interfaith Center

Golden State Teacher Grant Program (Scholarship Opportunity)

This program is ideal for students seeking funding for their credential coursework. 

Obershaw Den (Food Pantry)

Queer and Transgender Resource Center

Scholarship Application (General CSUSB Information)

Scholarship Opportunities for College of Arts and Letters Students

SSD: Services to Students with Disabilities

Student Health Center

Students may obtain Tuberculosis (TB) tests from the Student Health Center. 

Undocumented Student Success Center

Women's Resource Center

Writing Center

Links to External Resources

ASSIST.ORG. For information regarding transfer coursework, follow this link to access ASSIST, the official course articulation system for California public universities.

CTCC. California Commission on Teacher Credentialing