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The following file is the instruction that the Office of the Registrar, in conjunction with IT, have built an online add process for courses needing permission from faculty and chairs to register

Online instructions here!


If a student wants to request a course substitution, they should email the Liberal Studies Coordinator, Professor Kelly Straight Dortch ( The student needs to email from a student email account (i.e. not a personal account. 

The request must be specific and provide expressed authorization from the student for the Coordinator to make changes to their PAWS report. The quoted verbiage below is expressed authorization. Please attach a course syllabus for the course completed or in-progress to allow for a complete review.

Example Email:

Good Morning Coordinator Dortch,

"I, [student name & ID], would like to seek a substitution of [course required by major]  for [course completed or in-progress] completed [term and institution]. If approved, I grant Professor Dortch permission to make the necessary changes to my PAWS report. I understand that any substitution may make me ineligible once CSUSB is approved to offer the CSET test waiver. "

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you.

All Best,

Joe Coyote


Please note that all emails must be from the official CSUSB email address to be considered.



  • Request For Live Scan Form
  • Multiple Subject Credential Program Admissions Application
  • Forms at Office of Registrar
  • Phase 1 Consent form *This will now be taken care of by the credentialing office
    Due to recent changes regarding COVID-19 all PAF and Phase 1 consent forms may be taken directly to the credentialing office through the College of Education please contact the College of Education for how to digitally submit your information.