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Make Advising Appointments

Students are encouraged to make an appointment for one-on-one advising with our Program Coordinators, Faculty Advisors, or student PALS (Peer Ambassadors for Liberal Studies) Advisors. Appointments are available in-person or on Zoom. Walk-in sessions are also available. Use the following link to make an appointment: Make an Appointment

Advising Worksheets and Roadmaps

Both Liberal Studies and Liberal Arts Majors can find additional advising materials below to assist them in understanding degree requirements and planning their course of study.

Liberal Studies Major Materials

Follow this link for Advising Program Guide Sheets and Roadmaps for the current Liberal Studies Major/curriculum (catalog year 2023-24 and forward)

Follow this link for Advising Program Guide Sheets for:

(1) The prior, semester system Liberal Studies Major/curriculum, for catalog years 2020-21 through 2022-23), and

(2) the Quarter system Liberal Studies Major/curriculum (catalog year 2019-20 and prior). The roadmaps provide suggested sequences for taking required courses to ensure timely graduation.

Liberal Arts Major Materials

Follow this link for Advising Program Guide Sheets and Roadmaps for the current Liberal Arts Major

Credential Program Application Advising and Information Sessions

Students in the Integrated Concentration who are within two semesters of completion of Phase 1 (the undergraduate portion of their coursework) or students in other concentrations also within two semester of graduation who are planning to apply to a Credential program at CSUSB should obtain admissions/application advising from the James R. Watson and Judy Rodriquez College of Education.

Information on Registering for Information Sessions

Integrated Concentration students can find information on requesting their Phase 1 Clearance form from the Liberal Studies office on our Student Resources page.

AB 130 Information

AB 130 (Assembly Bill 130), signed into law in July 2021, expanded the available options for students to meet the Subject Matter Requirements for admission to Multiple Subject Credential Programs. For an overview of the changes implemented by AB 130, see the following FAQ document.