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Eligibility Guidelines

To be eligible for JHBC internships, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Junior, senior, or graduate level CSUSB Administration or Information Systems and Technology (IST) student
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA (unless otherwise specified)

Students are encouraged to:

  • Complete several concentration courses first. Concentration courses will directly relate to the internship, making the student a stronger candidate. 
  • Enroll in an internship course. Internship courses meet elective units within the concentration. Earn course credit while gaining experience! 

The Process

  1. Prepare a résumé.
  2. Search for JHBC Internships - Current Openings! and other internship search resources. Connect with us on LinkedIn!
  3. Enroll for credit. Once an internship is obtained, understand the 'enrolling for credit' process, as well as the 'earning internship credit', which are reviewed below.

Enrolling for Credit

After an internship is obtained, students should begin the paperwork process.

All documents must be on file before enrolling in an internship course.

Students cannot self-enroll in internship courses.  

All internship courses require department consent. 

Students are successfully enrolled by the Internship Coordinator after all documents are received and approved.

Please note: tuition and fees apply to all internship courses. Master's students should first verify the internship course counts towards program requirements prior to enrolling.  

Steps to Enrolling in an Internship Course



STUDENT: Sign and submit a Release of Liability

Promise not to sue, assumption of risk, and agreement to pay claims. Submit via Email to Internship Coordinator.

STUDENT/EMPLOYER: Obtain a signed CSUSB Learning Site Agreement from the host employer (Required for all unpaid internships)

The form will be sent via email to internship employer - please provide supervisor email 

Establishes responsibility between CSUSB and the internship host (employer).

Check with the Internship Coordinator for existing employer agreements; include site supervisor's email.*

STUDENT/HOST SUPERVISOR: Meet with host supervisor to establish key goals and objectives, then report the internship for enrollment via Google Forms. (Required)


Provides specific internship information, including goals and objectives.

Go to JHBC Internship FORMS website.


Earning Internship Credit

Students seeking enrollment in an internship course must meet the following requirements by the end of the term to earn Credit (CR):

  • Midterm report (typically due 7th week of the internship)
  • Final report (typically due finals week)
  • Timesheets verifying a minimum 150 hours have been completed (average 10-15 hours per week)
  • Internship survey completed at the conclusion of the internship

Midterm and final report guidelines have been established, and are accessible via JHBC Internship Forms website.

Students enrolled in an internship course will submit reports and timesheets through Canvas during the term.  

Failure to meet requirements of the internship course will result in a grade of NC (no credit) for the semester.  Students needing additional time to complete an internship should contact the Internship Coordinator to discuss alternatives. 

Below is a link that may be helpful to international students.