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Internship Process

Internship Process - Summary

Before hosting interns:

  • Sign and submit a CSUSB Learning Site Ageement
  • Complete and submit the Intern Request Form
  • Submit the completed Risk Assessment form
  • Internship position will be posted on JHBC Internships – Current Openings, the College's internship website, for students' review
  • Résumés of interest are forwarded to the employer contact for review
  • Employer interviews and selects intern
  • Employer notifies the JHBC Internship Coordinator of selection
  • Forms - Employers

After an intern is selected:

  • Employer and intern establish key goals and objectives
  • JHBC Internship Coordinator verifies goals and objectives with host supervisor (only applicable if intern enrolls in an internship course)

At the conclusion:

  • Host supervisor provides intern performance feedback
  • Host supervisor completes a survey (initiated by JHBC Internship Coordinator)

Employer Quick Facts

Establishing Goals and Objectives

Many employers have an idea of what they're looking for when it comes to having a student intern at their organization. Determining how success will be measured helps develop effective goals and objectives.

From an intern's perspective, goals and objectives should be strong enough to provide a marketable experience for their résumé. From an employer's perspective, the goals and objectives should be relevant to the organization's mission.

Goal vs. Objectives—Defined

Goal: As the intern, what will they accomplish by the end of the internship?

Objective: What are the measurable steps to achieve each goal? How are they applying principles and theories learned in the classroom?

Marketing Intern Project Goal:

Evaluate best practices from competitor and industry sites in order to build a social media presence (Facebook™ and Twitter™) for the business that will be user friendly and drive sales. Work with the marketing team to determine the best use of resources, most impactful site presentation, and how to maintain effective on-going relevance.

Intern Objectives

  • Gather, through interviewing CEO, Director, all marketing employees and at least 10 current customers, information they feel should be captured and presented through Facebook™ and Twitter™
  • Review top 3 competitor sites and top 2 industry sites to determine best practices based on presentation, customer feedback and ease of navigation on their Facebook™ and Twitter™ accounts
  • Present findings via PowerPoint to the marketing team within 30 days—with recommendations
  • Work with Marketing department to bring Facebook™ and Twitter™ to life before the end of the internship

From the above example, it's obvious that others at your workplace will be interacting with the intern. It's important they understand the expectations required of them, otherwise the intern will have essentially been set up for failure.

If assistance is needed with establishing effective goals and objectives, please contact Jessica Chavez, Internship Coordinator.