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As a community member, the College strives to support internship partnerships with a variety of organizations, including government entities, non-profit, and for-profit businesses. The Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration (JHBC) internship program allows employers to connect with current undergraduate and graduate students. Partnering organizations will experience first-hand, the quality of work interns offer.  Business and public administration interns have the option of enrolling for credit to meet 3 units for concentration elective during the 15-week semester (150 hours required). As an intern host, employers should provide a robust internship that incorporates guidance, training, and hands-on projects. To support this, host employers are asked to establish key goals and objectives which directly relate to the intern's concentration, as well as the needs of the organization.

The JHBC internship program's vision is to partner with community members, providing a quality intern experience. The program's objective is to enable students to build résumés, network effectively, and present skills and abilities in a working, versus classroom, environment.

If you have questions regarding the College's internship program, please Jessica Chavez, JHBC Student Success Center Coordinator at or call (909) 537-3358.

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