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Forms and Templates

Forms and Templates

The forms and templates are to assist you in preparing an IRB application, however all applications must be submitted to the online system. Templates and forms may be filled out for the use of classroom assignments and/or for pre-filling to allow for copying and pasting into the online system.

To submit an IRB application, please see the Online Application

IRB Process Flow Chart

IRB Templates 

IRB Application Template

Informed Consent Template

Waiver of Consent Criteria Table

Child Assent Template

Confidentiality Statement Template 

Debriefing Statement Template

Video/Audio/Photograph Consent Template

IRB Forms

Reliance Agreement (IAA) for Single IRB Review - Form can be used for External Investigators and Cooperative Agreements

SBCUSD Internal Review Committee (IRC) Information for Researchers (Request to Conduct Research Form below)

Non-Human Subject Research Guide - The Guide must be attached to the IRB application

More Information on Informed Consent

OHRP Informed Consent Checklist

OHRP Tips on Informed Consent

OHRP Informed Consent for Non-English Speakers

OHRP Legally Effective and Prospectively Obtained

OHRP Exculpatory Language (Language You CANNOT Use) in Informed Consent

OHRP Informed Consent Use in Emergency Research