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Do I need to close my IRB application?

  • Yes.
  • IRB applications should be closed if data collection is complete, there are no interaction with human participants, and data is de-identified.
  • Data analysis of de-identified data and publication can still occur following a closure or expiration

How long will my review take?

  • Non-Human Subject Research-Initial turnaround time is 7-10 business days.
  • Administrative (Exempt) Review- Initial turnaround time is 7-10 business days.
  • Expedited Review- Initial turnaround time is 14-20 business days.
  • Full Board Review - Initial turnaround time is 30-40 business days.

For more information, see our website

Where can I start my application?

You can find detailed information on what needs to be submitted to the online IRB application

Are there sample forms or templates to help me prepare my IRB application?

Yes, see our forms and template page. It is helpful to use the templates to prepare an IRB application and materials prior to using the online system.

Why can my approval be delayed?

  • Unclear applications
  • Investigators not completing CITI training
  • Not following directions
  • Not understanding the federal regulations and/or CSUSB IRB policy for your study
  • Not realizing the need to get permissions or other relevant documentation (e.g. Off-site locations)
  • Not writing answers directly into the text boxes
  • Taking a long time to respond to our feedback

Do collaborators outside CSUSB need to be on the IRB application?

Yes and they need to be CITI (or equivalent) trained, even international collaborators. You can find how collaborators can be CITI trained on the website.

If I want to share data with other researchers, do the researchers need to be on the IRB application (expedited and full board review)?

  • If you plan to have the researchers involved in participant recruitment, data collection, and/or analysis of identifiable data, they need to be included on the application.
  • If you decide you want to share data following data collection, an IRB modification is not necessary if the data is de-identified.
  • If data is identifiable and you want to share the data, you will need to submit a modification with the researchers CITI certificate

Do I need to keep my IRB application open after I am done collecting data?

  • Yes, if interactions with participants are still occurring in any way and/or if data is identifiable
  • No, if interactions with participants are complete and the data is de-identified; the investigators should submit a closure for the study.

Do students have to be added to the IRB application?

  • Yes and they need to be CITI trained
  • Students cannot be listed as a PI, faculty advisor will need to be listed as the PI and contact person.