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Katherine Gray
January 24, 2023

CSUSB professor and glass master Katherine Gray credits the university's diversity for allowing her teaching to have a broader impact.

Guillermo Escalante
November 16, 2022

Kinesiology professor Guillermo Escalante says CSUSB's diversity drew him to the university.

Sharon Velarde Pierce
October 26, 2022

Sharon Velarde Pierce, CSUSB public administration professor, says that diversity in the classroom expands a student's education.

Emmanuel Castaneda
September 22, 2022

First-generation student Emmanuel Castaneda says his motivation stems from his family, providing him with the constant encouragement to keep going academically and personally.

Stan and Ellen Weisser
September 8, 2022

Stan and Ellen Weisser show their dedication to advancing CSUSB by helping students succeed and making higher education a priority for all.

CSUSB's Performing Arts programs provide students with the artistic integrity and professional skillset they need to advance toward a successful future.
September 7, 2022

The performing arts programs at CSUSB shape students into well-rounded individuals, giving them the artistic integrity and professional skillset to advance to successful futures in a wide-range of careers.

Dorothy Chen-Maynard,
September 1, 2022

Dorothy Chen-Maynard, professor of health science and human ecology, says it’s important to have diverse faculty so students can see that they can be successful, too. 

Kristen Hackett
March 29, 2022

Kristen Hackett, veteran and sociology undergraduate, credits CSUSB for giving her the opportunity to discover and achieve her goals. 

Sharon Velarde Pierce
March 8, 2022

Sharon Velarde Pierce, assistant professor of public administration, strives to mentor first-generation students like herself.