Danny Sosa Aguilar, assistant professor of anthropology, understands that a diverse faculty exposes students to real-world perspectives. For Sosa Aguilar, teaching at CSUSB is a mutually beneficial experience because he learns from his students’ perspectives and backgrounds, just as they learn from him.

As a professor who teaches about decolonizing practices in education, Sosa Aguilar makes it a point to get students comfortable with expressing their opinions. He teaches students that their viewpoints are valid, even if they differ from societal norms. Sosa Aguilar empowers students to listen to different viewpoints and teaches them how to handle themselves when they encounter opposing opinions.

As a former first-generation student, Sosa Aguilar relates to his students on a deeper level than he has teaching at other institutions. He chose to work at CSUSB because it feels like home. The Southern California native appreciates the diversity in the area and is grateful for his students.

Diversity is a vital part of CSUSB, and Sosa Aguilar is a proud member of a faculty who represent various backgrounds, thoughts and experiences.