Women's History Month Heritage Graphic

Bibiana Diaz, associate professor of World Languages and Literatures, believes diversity is one of the foundations at Cal State San Bernardino. Diaz knew she could relate to the university’s diverse population of administrators, staff, faculty and students.

Cal State San Bernardino provides spaces for students to feel valued and be their authentic selves. This is showcased in the campuswide cultural and academic events. Diaz understands the importance of these events and the positive impact they have on students.

At CSUSB, there are clubs and organizations, where students host cultural events, showcase their identity and culture, and grow in a safe space. Diaz has witnessed this first-hand through her support and involvement with the student clubs and organizations on campus.

Diversity is a vital part of CSUSB, and Diaz is a proud member of a faculty who represent various backgrounds, thoughts and experiences.