Jason Ng, associate professor of kinesiology, appreciates the diverse academic environment at CSUSB. According to Ng, diversity enriches the classroom environment and student learning process through the different perspectives and opinions of students, which, when shared, increase understanding, acceptance and self-confidence.

"With diversity, when everybody’s so different, I think that it encourages us to challenge ourselves in how we might think and what kind of considerations we might make about others," he says.

He adds that diversity is not just about acquiring an education but is integral to personal growth and making meaningful contributions to the community. The diversity present at CSUSB, according to Ng, is pivotal in pushing boundaries and fostering significant growth.

Further emphasizing the importance of diversity among faculty, Ng expresses his aspiration for students to see beyond the confines of their locality, to the global contributions and varied experiences that professors bring into the classroom.

"I want (students) to feel good about themselves and feel like they have a sense of how they want to help somebody else out. That’s a lot of fun,” Ng says, reflecting on the joy of teaching in such an environment. His insights mirror the institution's commitment to fostering an inclusive and globally aware academic community that celebrates and learns from its diversity.

Diversity is a vital part of CSUSB, and Ng is a proud member of a faculty who represent various backgrounds, thoughts and experiences.