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Types of Aid

There are many different types of aid available within each of the main categories of grants, loans, and scholarships. It's worth it to review each type to find which one might suit you and your circumstances. Not all aid types will apply to everyone, but nearly everyone can find aid that works for them.


Currently, grants fall under four general categories. The first, and largest number of grants are for Undergraduate Students, 2nd Bachelor Students, Credential Students, and Graduate Students make up the three remaining categories. Certificate students are only eligible for loans. Check out our Grants section for a list of which grants are offered under each category.


A loan is a form of financial aid which must be repaid. The terms for repayment are specified in the promissory note that the recipient signs prior to receipt of the first loan disbursement. Before signing the promissory note, students should thoroughly understand all their rights and responsibilities concerning any loan received. There are many different types of loans that you should familiarize yourself with before deciding which type is right for you. Check out our Loans section for more information.


The CSUSB Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships accepts scholarship applications for the upcoming academic year beginning in January. The scholarship application can be accessed via MyCoyote. Scholarships are awarded to new and continuing students attending CSUSB. Most scholarships are administered by the CSUSB Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. The deadline to apply is listed on the application when you log in. Check out our Scholarships section for more information.


There are a variety of sources for financial support for veterans, active military, reservists and dependents. Each has its own forms, processes and timetables. Check out our Veterans' Benefits section for more information.