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Award Samples

The federal Central Processing Services will inform the student and CSUSB about the student's Expected Family Contribution. Then CSUSB will tell the student how much - and what sorts of - aid she or he qualifies for. Federal student aid may not cover all college expenses.

Financial aid is awarded in the form of a package or combination of different types of assistance. Awarding priority is given to undergraduate students who have the greatest financial aid eligibility and who have a completed file in the CSUSB Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships by April 15, prior to the start of the new academic year.

CSUSB defines an academic year as three terms, the first begins in September, the second in January and the third term begins in April. There are approximately 10 weeks of instruction per term.

All financial aid awards are subject to change based on new financial information or changes in federal or state funding.

Undergraduate Freshman Package 1 (example)
 Package  Amount
Cost of Attendance (on Campus) $23,607
Parental Contribution $800
Student Contribution $0
Financial Aid Eligibility $22,807
Financial Aid Award (example)
Financial award Amount
Federal Pell Grant $5,065
State University Grant $5,472
Federal Work Study $4,000
Federal Subsidized Direct Loan $3,500
Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan $4,770

In the above example, the expected family contribution amounted to $800 ($800 from parents and $0 from the student). The student's need of $22,807 was met through the Pell Grant, State University Grant, Federal Work Study and Federal Subsidized Direct Loan. The student's remaining budget was met through Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan.

University Sophomore Package 2 (example)
 Package  Amount
Expenses (Living at home with parents) $15,879
Parental Contribution $0
Student Contribution $0
Financial Aid Eligibility $15,879