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Determining Need

The formula that the CSUSB Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships uses in determining a student's financial aid eligibility is:

**Cost of education minus expected family contribution (EFC) = financial eligibility.

To figure the cost of education at CSUSB each year, the CSUSB Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships develops a set of standard budgets (see cost of attendance). These budgets are based on average costs and are intended to provide sufficient funds for the majority of students in most circumstances.

An effort is made to consider the situation of the individual student. For example, certain majors may require more books, course materials, supplies, and equipment than other majors. The student is expected to contribute an amount computed by formula based on the previous year's income. This amount is used in calculating financial aid eligibility. If a student is dependent as defined by federal regulations, his/her parents are expected to contribute to the educational costs to the extent of their ability. The parents' contribution takes into account the family's income, net worth, number of dependents, untaxed income, and number of siblings attending college. The parents' contribution is considered an available resource whether or not the student receives this amount from his/her parent(s).