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FWS On-Campus Employer Information

FWS On-Campus Employer Information

Thank you for your participation in the Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB). As a FWS supervisor you have the opportunity to enrich student employees’ college experience by guiding them in developing a strong work ethic and leadership experience that will be useful after graduation. Your work is a vital application of the University’s Mission to develop ethical and responsible leaders, empowered to engage a diverse and changing world. You are also helping them earn needed funds for their college expenses.

Steps to hire FWS Students:

Step 1: Post job posting via Handshake.  

Continuing Re-hire positions do not need to be posted on Handshake.

Step 2: Interview and select prospective FWS employees.

NOTE: Students are required to provide a copy of their award summary to show proof of a FWS award when submitting applications. If an award is provided, please request one from the student. Award summaries can be obtained on the student portal, within their MyCoyote under Financial Aid.

Step 3: Complete and pass the FWS Supervisor Online Training

Step 4: Request to hire FWS Student 

Step 5: Once you receive a copy of the FWS Routing Slip your FWS Student may begin working. The FWS Routing Slip serves as confirmation that the student has been hired into PeopleSoft and your FWS student may begin working.

Do not permit your FWS student to work prior to receipt of the FWS Routing Slip or you will have to hire and pay out of your own department funds.

FWS Employer’s Responsibilities

  • The supervisor has the responsibility for providing adequate training. Provide clearly defined supervision through well-defined expectations. This may be the first job the student has ever held. Give clear, concise directions and don’t assume they understand the required tasks/duties/responsibilities. An annual student employee performance evaluation will be asked to be completed at the end of each academic year.
  • Develop a work schedule for each student including hours and days. Explain the methods for communicating missed work time.
  • FWS students must be supervised at all times and must be aware of who to report to in the absence of the supervisor. The job duties assigned to a FWS student cannot replace those of a regular employee.
  • Report student employee work hours accurately and monitor student employee’s performance, for quality of work, and verify that all hours reported are accurate (Students are not allowed to work during scheduled class hours.)
  • Supervisors must scan and email copies of Student Listing, Timesheet and class schedule to each month. The supervisor will submit the student's original monthly student listing to the timekeeper or directly to payroll. 
  • It is the employer’s responsibility to work with the FWS student and track the earnings to ensure they do not earn more than their award amount.

One FWS position at a time

Students can only be employed in one FWS position on/off campus at a time. Should students wish to be employed in multiple positions on campus, the department(s) would need to hire the students through non-FWS student positions.

NOTE: If employed in both a FWS position and a non-FWS position students may still only work a maximum of 20 hours per week between both positions.

Financial Aid Award/ FWS Revisions

A student's FWS award may be revised at any time during the academic year to compensate for other types of aid such as Pell Grant, Cal Grants, or outside scholarships or fellowships.  The Office of Financial Aid will issue a revised award letter to the student and send a notice to his/her supervisor regarding the change.  If the FWS award is revised, both the maximum earnings and number of hours worked per week will be affected.  Therefore, the student's ability to work and/or remaining hours must be re-evaluated.


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