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National Student Exchange (NSE)

California State University, San Bernardino is a member of this cooperative program, which allows selected students to spend up to a year at one of 158 U.S. colleges. These campuses are located in 48 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands and Canada. The exchange student pays either normal California State University, San Bernardino Tuition Fees or 'in state' tuition fees at the host institution.

This exchange encourages students to see another part of their own country, live and work in a different academic environment, and pursue specialized courses not offered at Cal State. All course work taken while on exchange is approved by an advisor and then evaluated by the records office before leaving campus. Thus, there is no loss of time or credits.

CSUSB students may attend host institutions for one year or less and remain CSUSB student. The office of financial aid will assist eligible students who are attending host institutions using either plan 'A' or plan 'B', and who have applied for financial aid. Financial aid will be based on eligibility from the host or home campus, but not both.

Plan 'A'

Under Plan 'A', the student will pay tuition fees charged by the host institution. Under this plan, the host institution will create a financial aid package based upon the appropriate FAFSA, using the tuition fees of the host institution in the financial aid budget.

Plan 'B'

Under Plan 'B', the student will pay home campus tuition fees. For this plan, the home campus will create a financial aid package based upon the appropriate FAFSA, using the current home campus tuition fee structure. Students participating in Plan 'B' will receive their Cal Grant, State University Grants, and their Educational Opportunity Grants if they are eligible for the aid.

Students normally apply in the winter of their freshman or sophomore year and are screened and placed during March for the next academic year. To qualify, students must have a 2.5 grade point average. For more information and applications, contact Dr. Theron Pace at the National Student Exchange Office at (909) 735-5239 or by NSE email.