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Dreamers FAQ

I am an undocumented student; do I qualify for financial aid?

You may qualify for payment of in-state tuition and financial aid if you meet certain criteria. See the information on AB 540 and the California Dream Act for specific details. Moreover, you may apply for scholarships using your My Coyote account. If you do not meet these criteria you may still apply to private scholarships. See the list of scholarship for further details.

I am an exchange student/international student with a valid visa; can I apply for financial aid through the California Dream Act?

You must meet the AB540 requirements to apply for financial aid for Dreamers. In addition you can apply for scholarships that may not require citizenship or residency.

How can I apply for financial aid?

There are two steps that you must take in order to apply for state financial aid. First, you must file your Dream Act application online by March 1. Second, you must submit a GPA verification form by March 2.

Additionally, if you wish to apply for scholarships you may do so by logging in to your My Coyote account and following the CSUSB Scholarship Application link. Deadline to submit your online application is March 2.

I missed the March 2 deadline to Apply for the California Dream Act. Can I still send my information and be considered for financial aid?

Yes, you can still submit your California Dream Act application, however funding is limited by applying after March 2. On campus scholarships and Cal Grant deadline is March 2.

I have a Social Security Number assigned to me through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Does that mean I can apply for FAFSA?

The Social Security Number assigned to you is for Employment purposes only. In order for you to receive financial aid you must fill out the California Dream Act application.

I am not a Legal Resident (green card holder) but I have a Social Security Number for Employment. May I work on campus?

Yes. You are able to work on campus as a Student Assistant. In order for you to find positions you should visit the Career Center located in UH 329. You may also find open positions using Coyote Link.