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Requesting a Transcript

Transcripts are a complete record of all courses and/or degrees completed at California State University San Bernardino. Transcripts do not include course work completed at other institutions; the transferable units only, are reflected on transcripts under "transfer work". Unofficial transcripts are now available on your student center page on your MyCoyote account.

Order Transcripts On-line! Please follow the instructions carefully as you enter your information so that we may provide your transcripts without any delays. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (There is an additional $2.35 convenience fee for using this service.)

Grades for the current term will be posted the day after they become available. If you submit a transcript request prior to grades posting, under "Special Instructions" of the request form, check the box "GRADES BECOME AVAILABLE FOR" and indicate the semester and year you would like included on your transcripts. Your request will be processed once the grades have been posted for that term. Please be sure to be as specific as possible, as errors will require a new request form and fee.

Degrees earned in a current term will be posted on transcripts after grades become available and all degree requirements have been met. Commencement is the ceremony that occurs and graduation is the physical posting of your degree. The posting of a degree for each individual student takes approximately four weeks from grades posting. If you submit a transcript request prior to degrees posting, under "Special Instructions" of the request form, check the box "DEGREE POSTED" and indicate the degree you want included as well as, the semester and year the degree is earned. We will process your request once the degree has been posted.

If there is a hold on your student records, it must be cleared with the department that placed the hold before transcripts can be processed. Holds may be placed on your student records by other departments on campus for various reasons (i.e. fees, books, equipment, and documents).