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Early Teaching Experiences in Mathematics (ETEMS)

The Early Teaching Experiences in Mathematics and Science scholarship program offers CSUSB students a unique opportunity to explore K-12 STEM teaching. Once students have completed their first year of coursework in their major, they become eligible to apply. Participants will spend at least 20 hours working with peers and a faculty advisor to plan a lesson and learn about what goes into effective teaching, as well as 20 hours observing K-12 classrooms and ultimately teaching their lesson in a K-12 classroom. Through this immersive experience, participants gain a deeper understanding of what is involved in a teaching career and can then use this knowledge to make an informed decision about pursuing a career as a K-12 teacher. You have the option of participating in the program for either one or two semesters and would be eligible for a scholarship each semester.

  • Gain hands-on exposure to teaching science or mathematics in a K-12 classroom.
  • Observe local K-12 classrooms and meet and interview local mathematics and science teachers.
  • Receive up to a $1,500 scholarship per semester for up to two semesters.
  • While in the program, you will work with a small group of peers, guided by a faculty mentor, to develop a short classroom lesson that illustrates important principles in science or mathematics.
  • If you choose to be in the program for the second semester, you will have the opportunity to teach the lesson in a local K-12 classroom, then revise and improve upon the lesson and teach it again.


  • Spend a minimum of 20 hours in K-12 classrooms, which can include observing classrooms; meeting with teachers, principals, or other faculty; and/or facilitating extracurricular STEM activities.
  • Submit logs of your activities (signed by the ETEMS scholarship recipient and the teacher whose class was observed, or whose meeting you attended) at the end of the semester.
  • Regularly participate in face-to-face and/or virtual discussions with other ETEMS students, advisors, and project staff as determined by the program. In particular, your schedule must permit you to attend meetings with the faculty advisor and your team mebers, which will be set in advance.
  • Complete and submit a reflection of your experience at the end of each semester.
  • Receive up to a $1,500 scholarship.


Email Dr. Marsh 
Email Dr. Dalton Marsh


Application Deadline: Rolling

The earlier the better as you may require a background check to be permitted into the schools!


A table for contact Information for the ETEMS (Early Teaching Experiences in Mathematics) scholarship
Name Position Email Phone Number
CEME Office

Coordinating Office for 

ETEMS Scholarship (909)-537-7580
Dr. Dalton Marsh

Co-Director for 

ETEMS Scholarship  
Dr. Steve Balady (They/Them)

Co-Director for 

ETEMS Scholarship