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TEEM (Teaching English Learners Mathematics)

The TEEM vision is to increase the proportion of English Learner (EL) students completing challenging mathematics courses by creating communities of inquiry among students, teachers and school leaders. Students engage in structured inquiry through the use of interactive notebooks in mathematics; teachers improve mathematics instruction by forming communities of inquiry supported by Summer Institutes and Lesson Study; and principals develop as instructional leaders in mathematics.

Project Goals

  1. Improve the academic achievement of ELs.
  2. Improve teacher knowledge and beliefs for teaching math to ELs.
  3. Improve the teaching of math to ELs and all students.
  4. Develop principals as instructional leaders in mathematics.

Program Components

  1. Interactive math inquiry notebooks for students
  2. Intensive summer professional development
  3. Lesson Study
  4. Professional learning for school leaders

Participants please visit the TEEM Google Site.


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