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CEME (Center for Enhancement of Mathematics Education)


Position CEME Director CEME- Co-Director CEME Co-Director Office Specialist III
Name Ms. Kelli Wasserman Dr. Madeline Jetter Dr. Jeremy Aikin Ms. Tawney Hall


ICMP (Inland Counties Mathematics Project)

Role ICMP Co-Director
Name Dr. Lynn Scow


ETEMS (Early Teaching Experiences in Mathematics and Science)

Name Dr. David Polcyn Dr. Cory Johnson Dr. Xinying Yin Dr. Joseph Jesunathadas
Department Biology Math Education Education
Phone 909.537.5313 909.537.5423 909.537.5696 909.537.5683


Noyce Teaching Scholarship

Role Principal Investigator Academic Advisor Academic Advisor Credential Advisor Classroom Experiences/Mentoring Advisor Classroom Experiences/Mentoring Advisor
Name Dr. Jeremy Aikin Dr. David Polcyn Dr. Cory Johnson Dr. Xinying Yin Ms. Lela Spears-Harper Ms. Kelli Wasserman
Department Math Biology Math Education BTSA/Program Specialist Math


Math Gym

Name Dr. Min-Lin Lo
Department Math


TEEM (Teaching English Learners Mathematics)

Role Principal Investigator Co-Principal Investigator
Name Dr. Madeline Jetter Ms. Vicky Kukuruda
Department Math Riverside County Office of Education