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FAQs - CSET I and II

CSET I and II Institutes:

I never studied this material in the past. What should I do?
Our CSET content institutes are meant to be a review of the material covered in the CSET exams. There is a large amount of material covered in each test, and 40 hours are barely enough time to review it. If you have never studied some of the material in the past, we recommend that you take your time to learn it (on your own or through a course) before taking the test. If you are vaguely familiar with the material, but not solid in your knowledge, another option might be to attend the institute, but rather than taking the test immediately, practice and study for another period of time and take the following test.

Should I take the CSET I and the CSET II Institutes at the same time?
We do NOT recommend doing this as there is a substantial amount of homework involved in taking each institute.

Can I purchase a textbook separately?
Yes. If you register for the institute, the textbook is included in the registration fee. However, if you do not want to attend the institute, you can purchase the textbook separately. Please call (909) 537-7580 or email for details.

Can I receive credit for this institute?
Yes. We offer four math quarter units of College of Extended Learning credit. The fee for credit is $240.00 (which is NOT included in your registration fee).

Is there a reduced fee for someone retaking the Institute?
We will deduct the cost of your textbook if you do not wish to purchase an updated version. We will also deduct the cost of a parking permit if you already have one.

Are solutions available for the practice problems in the text?
Yes, solution are available in the textbook.

Will we be taking a practice CSET exam during the institute?
No, we will focus on reviewing the mathematics content on the CSET.

Where may I find more information regarding authorizations?
Details regarding authorizations may be found on the CA.GOV Commission on Teacher Credentialing site.

What is the refund policy?
Please follow the refund policy for the respective institute.