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CA & US Federal Government

California State Government

The California State Government is comprised of 4 branches of government made of 40 senators (upper house), 80 assemblymembers (lower house), 7 State Supreme Court Justices, and 8 executive officers. 

(D) = Democratic Party | (R) = Republican Party | (I) = Independent Party

California State ConstitutionWho are my State Representatives?

Executive Officers
Elected Official Office
Gavin Newsom (D) Governor
Eleni Kounalakis Lieutenant Governor
Alex Padilla Secretary of State
Xavier Becerra Attorney General
Fiona Ma State Treasurer
Betty Yee State Controller
Tony Thurmond Superintendent of Public Instruction
Ricardo Lara Insurance Commissioner
Legislative Officers
Elected Official Ranking
Eleni Kounalakis (D) President of the Senate
Toni Atkins (D) President Pro Tem of the Senate
Shannon Grove (R) Senate Minority Leader
Anthony Rendon (D) Speaker of the Assembly
Marie Waldron (R) Assembly Minority Leader
State Justices
Tani Cantil-Sakauye, Chief Justice
Carol Corrigan
Goodwin Liu
Mariano Florentino
Leondra Kruger
Joshua Groban

US Federal Government 

The United States Federal Government is made up of 3 branches of government: the Executive Branch which is led by the President of the United States, the Judicial Branch which is comprised of a bicameral legislature of the Senate (100 members) and House of Representative (435 members), and the Judicial Branch which is home to the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court (9 justices).

(D) = Democratic Party | (R) = Republican Party | (I) = Independent Party

United States ConstitutionWho is my Representative?

Executive Branch (Cabinet)
Officer Office
Donald J. Trump President
Mike Pence Vice President
Mark Meadows Chief of Staff
Mike Pompeo Secretary of State
Steven Mnuchin Secretary of the Treasury
Mark Esper Secretary of Defense
William Barr Attorney General
David Bernhardt Secretary of the Interior
Sonny Perdue Secretary of Agriculture
Wilbur Ross Secretary of Commerce
Eugene Scalia Secretary of Labor
Alex Azar Secretary of Health & Human Services
Ben Carson Secretary of Housing & Urban Development
Elaine Chao Secretary of Transportation
Dan Brouillette Secretary of Energy
Betsy DeVos Secretary of Education
Robert Wilkie Secretary of Veteran Affairs
Chad Wolf Secretary of Homeland Security
Legislative Ranking Officers
Elected Official Ranking
Michael R. Pence (R) Senate President
Chuck Grassley (R) Senate President Pro Tempore
Mitch McConnell (R) Senate Majority Leader
Chuck Schumer (D)  Senate Minority Leader
Nancy Pelosi (D) Speaker of the House
Ben Ray Lujan (D) Assistant Speaker of the House
Steny Hoyer (D) House Majority Leader
Kevin McCarthy (R) House Minority Leader
Supreme Court Justices
Name Political Ideology
John Roberts (Chief Justice) Conservative
Brett Kavanaugh Conservative
Samuel A. Alito Conservative
Stephen Breyer Liberal
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Liberal
Neil Gorsuch Conservative
Elena Kagan Liberal
Sonia Sotomayor Liberal
Clarence Thomas Conservative