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Applying for Admission

Applying for admission is a two-step process: 

Step One: University Application 

Step Two: Anthropology Department Application

All information and forms must be received by Graduate Admissions and the Anthropology Department by the appropriate deadlines to be guaranteed consideration for current academic year admission. It is your responsibility to be sure all information is received. All applicants whose files are complete by the appropriate dates will be reviewed and considered for admission to classified status. Late applicants may be considered if there are openings and will be notified by letter as to their acceptance or non-acceptance into their respective programs.

STEP ONE: University Application

The procedures and deadlines for application to the university may be found here.

The department strongly suggests that students apply to the university at least a month in advance of our deadline to allow sufficient time for the university to input you into the system and generate essential paperwork for your file.

If you are an unclassified graduate student or currently enrolled in another graduate program at CSUSB, you must file a change of program form with the Graduate Admissions office in lieu of the university application.

If you will be applying to more than one graduate program on campus, please contact the Graduate Admissions office at (909) 537-5030 to submit additional PART B sections of the university application.

STEP TWO: Department Application

In addition to the university application, students must also submit via email the following documents directly to the Program Coordinator of the Anthropology Department:

  1. A Statement of Purpose: This statement should include information on which archaeological field school you have completed or a description of your field experience in archaeology conducted under professional supervision.
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Writing sample
  4. Three Letters of Recommendation (References can email letters directly to Dr. Matthew Des Lauriers at ).

This package of application materials should be emailed in a single PDF file (letters will be sent separately) to the Program Coordinator: Dr. Matthew Des Lauriers at