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Changes to the BA in 2020

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a Q2S Advisor to plan out their course of study as a “Q” (quarter-system) completer, or an “S” (semester-system) completer, and to understand changes to the requirements for a BA in Anthropology in the semester-system. The advisor for the Department of Anthropology is Arianna Huhn ( / 909-537-5505 / SB-309).

The table below highlights differences between the current quarter-based system and the semester-based system. Students who began under the quarter-based system but will complete their course of study under the semester-based system will have their choice of whether to follow the old or new program requirements. For more information, please visit the Department of Anthropology private online advising community, accessible via Blackboard. If you are not a member of the community but you would like to be, please email to be enrolled.

Quarter Program Semester Program
Anth 100 Human Evolution Anth 1001 Humans, Apes, and Monkeys
Anth 102 Culture and Society Anth 1002 Understanding Cultural Diversity
x Anth 1400/ Hist 1400 World History to c. 1500
Anth 200 Biological Anthropology Laboratory x
Anth 301 Anthropological Theory Anth 3600 History of Anthropological Thought
Anth 500 Senior Seminar in Anthropology Anth 5000 Senior Seminar in Anthropology
Archaeology Elective 1 Archaeology Elective 1
Archaeology Elective 2 Archaeology Elective 2
Culture Area 1 Archaeology Elective 3 – Culture Area
Cultural Anthropology Elective 1 Cultural Anthropology Elective 1
Cultural Anthropology Elective 2 Cultural Anthropology Elective 2
Cultural Anthropology Elective 3 X
Culture Area 2 Cultural Anthropology Elective 3 – Culture Area
Biological Anthropology Elective 1 Biological Anthropology Elective
Biological Anthropology Elective 2 Anth 3501 Human Origins
Linguistic Anthropology Elective X
Laboratory Course Laboratory or Method Course
Advanced Theory Course Advanced Theory Course

**Preliminary degree requirements for the semester system not yet approved by the Faculty Senate and subject to change.