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Roadmaps to Graduation

This page comprises a series of tables to show students which courses to take so that they can progress in a logical and timely manner to obtaining their BA. The tables should be considered as advisory; in other words students are not required to take their courses in the sequence suggested here. The Anthropology Department is not responsible for any errors that may exist in these tables. Students should also consult their PAWS reports and must file a graduation check at the appropriate time. If you have questions, please consult a faculty advisor.

There are six different tables. Three of these are for freshmen who plan to obtain their degree in either four, five, or six years. The other three tables are for students who transfer to CSUSB at the start of their junior year after completing all their lower-division General Education requirements elsewhere; thus, these three tables are for students who plan to take two years, three years or four years to complete their degree after transferring to CSUSB.

These maps were updated in the summer of 2014 to reflect the changes to the Anthropology major that took effect in Fall 2014. Students who declared Anthropology as their major in a quarter prior to Fall 2014 will be held to the requirements of the major as they existed at that time. They should consult with a faculty advisor if they have questions about which courses to take.

Check-off sheets for both the new (Fall 2014 onwards) and the old (prior to Fall 2014) Anthropology major are available from the Department office (SB327).