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Undergraduate Academic Advising Council


The CSUSB Undergraduate Academic Advising Council provides a positive, innovative and inspirational influence on building the highest quality advising support for all undergraduate students as they strive for a successful academic experience.


The CSUSB Undergraduate Academic Advising Council (UAAC) offers proactive leadership and guidance to foster holistic, strengths-based student development focused advising programs campus wide. The UAAC will collaborate with and be a support forum for faculty, staff and peer advisors involved in academic advising. Students at CSUSB will receive ongoing academic support and feel empowered to develop educational plans to accurately reflect their personal, educational, and professional goals. Students will also be informed, become self-advocating, and knowledgeable of resources available to aid them as they successfully matriculate and graduate from their program of choice.


Agenda Committee

Will coordinate monthly meetings throughout the academic year for the Council. Guest speakers from both on and off campus will be scheduled to attend the UAAC meetings. These guest speakers will be for the purpose of ensuring that the UAAC members are aware of resources and are able to make connections with various representatives.

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