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Math Coaching

Math coaching available for the following subjects:

  • ESM 1050
  • Math 1101L, 1101, 1102, 1103
  • Math 1201, 1202, 1203
  • Math 1301, 1302, 1303
  • Math 1401, 1402, 1403
  • Math 1501
  • Math 1601
  • Math 2210
  • Math 2900
  • Math 3010, 3012, 3013

Services offered (in person and via Zoom)
Note: Office location has changed to PL-210

  • Instructor led 1:1 math coaching/instruction
  • Instructor led group math coaching/instruction
  • Study skill assistance 
  • Up to June 4, 2024, have helped 613 students in 2554 visits for 2429 hours.

Request Math Coaching

  1. Request an appointment with instructor Stephen Wentworth by email,
    • Individual coaching
    • Group coaching
  2. Meet in PL-210 or via Zoom.


PL-210 or will send you a Zoom link for the appointment.
Available times listed below.

Technical Assistance & Math Coaching Hours

Contact me by email to set up an appointment. or click on my name above in the Request Math Coaching section.

Summer Hours

Monday -- Thursday 7:00am -- 5:00pm


How can I be successful in my Math class?

Well the most important is to set up a regular study routine two or three times a week for 2-3 hours each. In the summer or intersessions you would need to change this to nearly daily to keep up. The best time for homework is as soon after class as possible. Each session should also include some review of previous material to keep it fresh in your memory and to separate it from the new material. Ties can also be made between the new and previous material. It is most important to do all the homework assigned and make sure you understand all the concepts involved. Most important, do not fall behind. It is best if you are at least a little ahead of schedule.

In addition to the above review, you should review before tests and quizzes no later than the day before by working problems like the ones that will be on the test. For much better results you should review for tests for several days before the test date.

Frequent review and practice is mostly what it takes to be successful and do well in math. You must make sure you understand and not just memorize the various methods and procedures. Review for the final starts with the first day. Keep your notes well organized and easy to refer to. Have easy to access sample problems for all the different things you cover in class. Prepare practice tests as you go, problems from each section that will most likely be on the test. You can use these to help in your constant review of material.

Make sure you can do the problems without looking at your notes or book, the same conditions you will have during a test.

If you can explain the material to someone else, then you know the material, otherwise you do not. Try even explaining it to yourself to see how well you really understand the concepts. On each page for each paragraph you are reading over you should be able to stop and explain it to yourself. For some subjects like Math you may even need to work a problem or two out before you continue on. This works surprisingly well in helping gain understanding and retention in the material you are working on.