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What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a research-based, locally-proven method for helping students succeed in challenging courses by providing additional subject-matter discussion, support, and guidance for the strengthening of critical college skills. 

  • SI is free and open to all students enrolled in the corresponding course
  • SI sessions meet twice a week for 50 minutes each
  • Each session is limited to 20 students to create and maintain a small group learning environment

SI sessions are designed to help you...

  • Strengthen your understanding of the material presented in course lectures and texts
  • Develop both general and content specific learning strategies and study skills
  • Review for exams and develop effective test taking strategies

Does my course have SI?



SI Session



ADMN 2100


BIOL 2010

BIOL 2220

BIOL 2230


CHEM 2100

CHEM 2200

CHEM 2400

CHEM 2500

Computer Science

CSE 2010


GEOL 1000

  • All Sections - SI Session: (coming soon)

HIST 1400

HIST 1460

HIST 2000

HIST 2010


MATH 1201

MATH 1401


(No philosophy SI sessions offered this term)

Political Science

PSCI 2030


PSYC 1100

PSYC 2201

PSYC 2210

Learn More About SI

Email: or call 909.537.7320 to learn more about SI.