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Call For Applications (Spring 2024)

The JHBC OAE Social Justice Student Award

The JHBC Office of Academic Equity (OAE) was established to reinforce the importance of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB).   As an AACSB accredited college, we share the association's core values. AACSB recognizes that promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) is vital to creating inclusive communities of work and learning, advocating for individuals' full participation, and fostering positive societal impact for generations to come. 

We are committed to advancing DEIB initiatives in business education, and within the broader business and societal contexts.  At JHBC, we firmly believe that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are more than just buzzwords, and we are dedicated to celebrating students who have made a meaningful difference in advancing these critical values.  The JHBC OAE is inviting eligible JHBC students to apply to the JHBC OAE Social Justice Student Award. 

The award will recognize a student who has demonstrated that the social justice framework pushes DEIB initiatives forward by encouraging us to address injustice, especially when marginalization is concerned.  Social justice work connects our DEIB values to action and accountability to ensure that our goals are met.


The JHBC OAE Social Justice Student Award is open to any JHBC student who has been nominated by one of the JHBC OAE Advocates using the attached form, and who submits an essay as described below.

Eligible students must also be full-time or part-time students who have declared a major and/or minor within the JHBC college, and must be in good academic standing during the AY 2023-2024. Applicants cannot be on probation to be eligible to apply.

Please note that previous recipients of the JHBC OAE Social Justice Student Award are not eligible to apply for this award.

Students will be notified of the status of their applications within two weeks after the application deadline.


In an essay of 500-700 words, please reflect on your own experiences with social justice work and how it has helped advance DEI initiatives. The essay does not have any specific format requirements, but please be sure to address the following points:

  • What does the social justice framework mean to you? How has it influenced your understanding of DEI initiatives?
  • Describe a time when you have actively engaged in social justice work to promote DEI initiatives. What specific actions did you take? What were the outcomes?
  • How do you think social justice work can help address issues of marginalization and injustice? What role do DEI values and accountability play in this work?
  • What are your future goals related to social justice work and advancing DEI initiatives? How do you plan to continue making a difference in this area?

Remember to use specific examples and evidence to support your arguments. Your essay should be well-organized and clearly written, with a strong introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Good luck!

Email your essay in Word and PDF formats to Marina Kamel at  If you need assistance, please visit the Professional Writing Office.   Your email subject line should read: JHBC OAE Social Justice.

The essay will be reviewed by the JHBC OAE Faculty Advocates using the following criteria: 

  • Content (65%)
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the prompt clearly and concisely
    • Address at least three of the fourth points mentioned above
    • Originality, i.e.: the essay contains some original thought
    • Supporting arguments that demonstrate critical thinking
  • Presentation (35%)
    • Quality of writing: i.e.: style, clarity, flow, vocabulary
    • Organization, i.e.: structure, paragraphing, introduction, and conclusion
    • Conventions, i.e.: syntax, grammar, spelling, and punctuation

Requirements after receiving the award

Requirements after receiving the JHBC OAE Social Justice

  • Attend the next JHBC “ShEconomy” event (2-hour event)
  • Attend the JHBC OAE Voice/Essential Conversation events (1-hour per event)
  • Authorize the JHBC OAE to publish their essay/proposal/excerpts with their picture on the office website.
  • Submit a quote about the importance of academic equity and authorize the JHBC OAE to publish the quote with their picture on their website

2024 Spring ApplicationDEADLINE TO SUBMIT: April 15th, 2024

2023 JHBC Office of Academic Equity Social Justice Recipient
Marta Barreto JHBC OAE Student Opportunity Fund

The Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration’s Office of Academic Equity is delighted to announce Marta Barreto, an MBA student, as the recipient of the 2023 Student Opportunity Fund: Social Justice award. This $500 prestigious cash award honor recognizes Barreto's exceptional dedication and commitment to social justice issues. 

Barreto was nominated for this award by Dr. Breena Coates, a management professor emerita at CSUSB and a key figure responsible for PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education).  Barreto submitted her essay that went through a thorough review by the Advocates committee.  The Advocates committee members unanimously agreed that Barreto deserves this award.

As an MBA student at CSUSB, Barreto has demonstrated an unwavering determination to overcome obstacles and achieve success. In her own words, she describes herself as someone who has, "scaled the walls of success through determination and a sheer willingness to overcome my shortcomings." Barreto is deeply committed to empowering individuals and fostering thriving communities. It is this dedication that has earned her the Student Opportunity Fund: Social Justice award. Her life's mission is to advocate for the voiceless and highlight the value of seeing others through a different lens, leading them to a place of belonging and success.

When asked to define Academic Equity, Barreto expressed that it is a gateway to endless opportunities and knowledge, "a beacon of hope that can dispel the shadows of uncertainty and bridge the gaps of impoverishment and pain”. She firmly believes that everyone should have equal access to this gateway, free from prejudice or financial barriers. Barreto recognizes that the knowledge gained through academic equity leads to success, far outweighing the challenges she has faced. To her, Academic Equity represents the key to confidence, stability, and hope.


The OAE Student Opportunity Fund aims to provide financial assistance and recognition to students who have demonstrated a strong commitment to academic excellence, equity, and social justice. Through this fund, deserving students like Marta Barreto are empowered to pursue their educational goals and make a meaningful impact in their communities. The JHBC OAE is proud to support their endeavors and celebrate their achievements.

If you have any further questions or would like additional information about the OAE Student Opportunity Fund, please visit and do not hesitate to reach out to our office.