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JHBC Commitment to Diversity

JHBC Commitment to Diversity

The JHBC Office of Academic Equity is committed to creating a diverse environment: one that is inclusive, responsive and supportive of each and all its faculty, staff, administrators, and students. All members of JHBC share a responsibility for creating, developing and maintaining a learning environment where diversity is valued, inclusiveness is practiced and equity is sought. Building a diverse college community requires sustained commitment, a concerted effort and the attention of all. The office seeks to transform JHBC into a place where we will all thrive and grow. It seeks new and inclusive ways to support students on their journey through college. Educating students about diversity is the key to a better, equity supported future. Students are the change while JHBC is the path they take to help make that change.


Jonathan Anderson, Ph.DMontgomery Van Wart


Victoria Seitz, Ph.D

Kimberly Collins, Ph.D

Francisca Beer, Ph.DGilna Samuel, Ph.D