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General FAQs

International Travel

1.Are international business related cell phone charges reimbursable?

Yes. Please include business purpose of call, phone number, date, and name of individual/business called.

2.Should we print out the federal per diem rate sheet for the location and period of travel and attach to the travel expense claim?

It is no longer necessary to attach the federal per diem rates as Concur automatically links to per diem amounts wherever you are traveling.  Concur links to per diem rates for both the travel request and the expense report.

3.Does the traveler or delegate have to figure out how much of the international trip is considered taxable income?

No. The traveler simply needs to provide accurate data as to any personal days that are in addition to the actual business days. Accounts Payable will review against the travel policy requirements and determine what percentage, if any, is considered reportable income per the Internal Revenue Service regulations.

4.When a portion of the international travel is reported as taxable income, is the traveler notified?

Yes, in those rare instances where an employee has met the requirements covering a certain combination of business and personal travel and reporting is required, Accounts Payable will notify the traveler of the amount of money that has been reported to the State Controller's Office, W-2 Unit. Questions as to the effect to the employees pay stub or W-2 should be directed to Payroll.

Timeframe for Filing Travel Expense Claims

Per the CSU Travel Policy, ALL travel expense claims/expense report should be filed within 30 days of the end of the trip.

Any expenses paid for in advance (with procurement card, purchase order, or airfare when booked through Concur) must be included on the travel expense report and reflected in the claim total.  This includes all expenses whether or not they are university paid.


1.What is the current mileage reimbursement rate?

  • The current allowable business mileage rate may be found on the Travel Home page.
  • Accounts Payable notifies the campus via email and updates the travel website as to any changes the CSU, Office of the Chancellor makes to the rate throughout the year.

2.When claiming mileage on the weekend or a non-work day, can we claim actual mileage to our destination or do we need to use the "mileage between home or headquarters to destination, whichever is shorter" rule?

Mileage expenses may be allowed between the traveler's residence and the common carrier or destination if University business travel occurs during the traveler's non-working hours, or during a regularly scheduled day off (see page 15 of travel policy).

3.When using an alternate mode of transportation, i.e., driving instead of flying, should we include the price of the airline ticket at the time the trip was taken?

Yes, please attach a printout in your travel request of what the airline ticket would cost vs. the mileage cost that will be claimed. PLEASE obtain your airline ticket cost printout before your trip. You will not be able to find evidence of airfare costs for the dates of your trip after your trip has occurred.

4.When a spouse/significant other/friend drives an employee to the airport, can round trip mileage be claimed for being dropped off and for being picked up?



1.Is it mandatory for an employee to reserve a hotel room through the Concur Travel booking tool?

No. While the booking tool provides the ability to make hotel reservations, we encourage travelers to make the most business beneficial and cost effective choices. For example, we recognize that conferences often negotiate much better/lower room rates when contracting for a block of hotel rooms.

2.Non-cash Gift when staying with friend/relative - are there restrictions?

  • The travel policy allows a one-time non-cash gift of up to $75 per trip that may be given to a friend or relative that has provided lodging to an employee on business travel status.

  • A non-cash gift means something like buying groceries, flowers, or paying for dinner. Gift certificates and the like are cash equivalents and are not allowable.

  • Amounts of $25 or more require the original itemized receipt to be included with the claim.

  • Please remember that certain funds, such as General Fund, do not allow for gifts. Please verify your funding restrictions prior to providing such a gift. (Departments may wish to use two different funds to pay the travel claim: for example, the airfare/registration/car rental from General Funds and the non-cash gift from a trust allowing gifts)

  • Please remember that most funds do not allow for the purchase of alcohol. Please remember to check your funding source prior to committing to such a purchase.

3.Where on the travel expense report do I record a non-cash gift to a friend/relative?

Under the other accomodations expense type.

4.Why aren't Express Check Out documents accepted as receipts?

Hotels are kind enough to offer such options as Express Check Out, Zip Check Out, Courtesy Check Out, and other forms of easy check out where a bill is often placed under the door, allowing the hotel guest to bypass the front desk when it is time to leave. These various forms of "express check out" are not considered valid receipts by the State Controller's Office because the final bill is still not settled. To complicate matters further, many of these "express check out" forms have changed over the years to show a zero dollar balance figure, which is often interpreted by travelers that payment has been made, but actually indicates no transaction has taken place.

In order to obtain a receipt or provide proof of payment, it is necessary to do one of the following:

Formally check out at the front desk and request an itemized receipt.

  • The receipt will clearly indicate that the expenses have been "charged" or "settled." Past tense is the key here, not future tense.

  • In some cases, a receipt will show a credit figure at the bottom of the document, thus indicating payment has been charged to the credit card.

  • A word of caution: if the individual at the front desk attempts to tell you the "express check out" that was slipped under your door is a receipt, they are mistaken. Insist that a formal receipt be issued to you showing the expenses have been charged or settled to your credit card.

Contact the hotel and request a receipt.

  • You can always contact the hotel after-the-fact, ask to speak to the manager (not a front desk person), and request a receipt be faxed or emailed to you. Be prepared to identify yourself and the dates you stayed, as hotels have become more cautious about releasing information to individuals over the phone.

Submit the "express check out" AND a copy of your credit card statement showing the hotel charge.

  • Tip: Often you are able to go on-line and print out a copy of your credit card statement to use with your travel expense report, rather than waiting for the hard copy statement to come in the mail.


1.Does the $55 max cap for meals include incidentals?

No, the $55 is the maximum total amount per day for meals. (See questions 1 & 2 above)

Incidentals are a separate issue (actuals up to $7 per completed 24 hours).

2.Are travelers entitled to incidentals?

If the traveler spent money on incidentals, they may claim the actual amount spent up to $7 per day.  Per the CSU travel policy incidentals are described as "fees and tips given to porters, baggage carriers, bellhops, hotel housekeepers, etc."  Incidentals does not include food items.

Meal Reimbursements (Within the Continental United States)

1.I cannot find the amount allowed for breakfast, lunch and dinner?


  • Meals amounts are no longer defined.
  • For travel in the continental U.S., travelers are expected to claim their actual meal costs and will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $55.00 for the day.
  • Tips associated with the meal should be included in the meal cost.
  • An itemized receipt is required for any expense of $25.00 or more.
  • When the combined total of the meals exceeds $55, Concur will prompt the user to make the adjustment before the Report (claim) is submitted.
  • See question 2 below for trips of less than 24 hours.

2.I heard that all meals are no longer allowed on one day trips (trips less than 24 hours) - is this true?

  • When the entire length of a trip is less than 24 hours, meals and incidental expenses shall not be reimbursed unless the travel includes an "overnight stay" as supported by a lodging receipt. (Only one max cap of $55 for the period of less than 24 hours, even though the trip occurred over two consecutive days.)
  • If an exception to the overnight stay requirement is allowed by the approving authority, the amount of the meal(s) reimbursed becomes reportable and taxable.
  • Under no circumstances will expenses for lunch be reimbursed for travel of less than 24 hours.
  • Please see Section V of the travel policy for more information.

3.Because the traveler is entitled to $55 per day, we can just plug in a set of amounts that equal that total, correct? Something like $15 for breakfast, $20 for lunch, and $20 for dinner?

  • The traveler is required to claim their actual costs for each meal.
  • Any tip associated with a meal should be included in the cost of that meal.
  • An itemized receipt is required for any expense of $25.00 or more.
  • When the combined total of the meals exceeds $55, Concur will prompt for the user to make the adjustment for the daily meal total.
  • Warning: please do not simply "plug" amounts in the meal columns; if it appears that the breakdown of meal expenses becomes repetitive on a traveler's or department's expense reports , it may result in the requirement to provide receipts for all expenses on future claims.

4.In the old travel policy, there used to be departure/return timeframes as to when breakfast, lunch, and dinner are allowed. I cannot find these anywhere in the new travel policy. Help!

The new CSU Travel Procedures and Regulations do not specify any timeframes as to when a meal may be allowed. Travelers and approvers are expected to use good judgment in determining what a reasonable departure/return timeframe is when claiming/reimbursing meals that were purchased.

5.You say meal limits for breakfast, lunch and dinner are no longer defined - that instead there is a $55 max cap for the day. When breakfast and lunch are provided as part of a conference fee, and the traveler pays for his own dinner, what limits are there on the amount he can claim for dinner?

If the cost of a meal provided by the conference is known, the amount of that meal should be deducted from the $55 cap for the day, leaving the balance available for dinner. If the conference material is silent as to the cost of any meals provided, then the traveler may claim the actual cost of dinner and will be reimbursed up to the $55 max cap.

6.Since the price of each meal is no longer defined, does this mean I have to have a receipt for all meals purchased?

The CSU travel policy does not require receipts be turned in to Accounts Payable for all meals - only meals where the cost is $25 or more. However, you may wish to retain all your meal receipts so that you have an accurate record of your actual costs for when either you or your department administrative support staff person completes your travel expense report.

7.Since I can no longer give a traveler $10.00 for breakfast, etc., that would mean I would have to have receipts for the exact amounts right?

If you are preparing travel claims for others, you may wish to give them an envelope in which to place all of their receipts or ask them to keep a log of their meal expenses that are under $25. The envelope or the log could be turned in to you and you would have the necessary information to prepare the claim. The traveler should review the amounts you enter before signing to ensure the information is accurate - their signature is verifying to the State that the costs presented are what they actually incurred for those meals.

8.I am at a conference and go out for a meal with say 6 or more colleagues, spend $25.00 or more for the dinner per person, but don't get separate checks as is the case with groups over 6 or so people. Wait staff often will not give separate checks. How do I claim my portion of the expense?

Most large or chain restaurants can and will provide individuals in a group with individual receipts if you request it, typically at the time of ordering. Some restaurants are even willing to provide individual receipts when requested even after the original single bill was presented.

In the event that the restaurant is unable to meet this request, then the traveler can attach a Lost/Missing Receipt Memo to their expense report. In that memo, the traveler will need to explain why a receipt was not obtainable and provide the cost information. The memo should state whether alcohol was or was not part of the meal expense. If alcohol was purchased, normally this cost, along with associated taxes and tip, cannot be claimed unless the funding source specifically allows for it. It is up to the approving authority to determine if he or she will accept the memo and allow the expense. If a traveler submits Lost/Missing Receipt Memos too frequently, the matter will be discussed with your approving authority.

9.If a traveler charges a meal to a room and the charge is reflected on the hotel receipt, does he need an itemized receipt?

Only if the expense is $25 or more.


1.May I purchase a package (airfare/hotel/car rental) deal from an Internet vendor (e.g., Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz, etc.)?

The CSU travel policy highly discourages use of these Internet travel suppliers:Travel "packages" from Internet vendors typically do not itemize expenses. Therefore, no business-related travel should be booked through such vendors unless the traveler has confirmed that each aspect of the package will be separately itemized (e.g., itemized hotel charges, airfare) to assure appropriate documentation for reimbursement.Please be aware that non-itemized hotel, airfare, and/or rental charges on a "package" receipt, will not be reimbursed.

2.How do I purchase my airfare?

Concur Travel & Expense provides a booking tool through which employees may purchase airfare and have the cost billed directly to the campus.  Otherwise airfare for business travel may be purchased whereever the traveler would like (using a personal credit card), keeping in mind the itemized receipt requirements when using an internet company to purchase airfare.

Contact Mona Sinha at if further information is needed.




1.Who qualifies for travel advances?

  • Any regular employee of CSUSB may request an advance for business travel purposes.
  • Candidates for employment, student assistants, volunteers, special consultants, independent contractors, and guests of the university cannot receive travel advances (see Miscellaneous category below for more information).

2.How do I request a travel advance to use for my business trip?

  • If you have estimated business travel expenses exceeding $200.00, you may be eligible to request a travel advance via a Request through the Concur Travel & Expense system. 
  • Only one outstanding travel advance per traveler is allowed.

  • Please check with your department as to any additional departmental requirements for requesting a travel advance.

What is Concur?

Concur Travel and Expense is a cloud based solution offering paperless, electronic travel request and reimbursement.  Concur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions.

The Concur system will automate travel request, booking, and expense reporting of campus business travel. The system has been fully implemented and can be used for travel funded by all business units.  (State, UEC, Philanthropic, ASI, and Student Union).

Below are some key advantages the system offers:

  • Automated routing of travel requests and expense voucher authorization.
  • E-Receipts are automatically submitted into the system by participating vendors or by user emailing/uploading them to the system.
  • 24 hour online booking for airfare, hotel, and car rentals reservation.
  • Minimize out-of-pocket expenses by traveler through direct billing and payment of airfare.
  • Convenience through built-in automated features for compliance, mileage calculation, currency conversion, etc..
  • Email notification and reminders of events at designated time intervals and events.
  • Quicker reimbursement by direct deposit!  (User must be enrolled in the Accounts Payable direct deposit program)

Update Employee Home Address

Whether you are being reimbursed for out of pocket expenses by CSUSB Accounts Payable state side operations or Auxiliary Accounting (servicing UEC, Philanthropic, ASI, Student Union), you want to ensure that we have your most current remitting address.

If you have moved recently, please submit your updated mailing information to:

Both Accounts Payable operations will receive the information and update their vendor files with your information.

Should you ever need to speak with someone directly regarding your address update or have a question regarding a pending or recent payment, you may reach CSUSB Accounts Payable at (909)537-5155 and Auxiliary Accounting at (909)537-7213.

Reminder: State issued reimbursements may be received via direct deposit. More information may be found about Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposits (ERDD) on the Accounts Payable website.

Travel Request Approval

Update to Travel Request Approval Instructions For All Campus Business Travel

In Concur, the Dean or VP are required in the Travel Request approval workflow for the following:

  • Travel with 3 or more consecutive nights of stay in California
  • Out of state travel.  

Please confirm the correct Dean or VP's name is showing in the exception field for the above 2 conditions.  If the field is blank, type an * for the names of approvers associated with the chart field string.  Click on the appropriate name.

*In Concur - an international trip type will route the approval email to the VP of your area.  Please confirm the correct VP's name is showing in the approval field.

PLEASE NOTE:  for the Travel Request, each field in the approval workflow MUST contain a name.  Concur will only send approval emails to the approvers needed by the information that is entered in the request.  If not needed the step will skip.

If you need further information regarding the correct approval workflow for your travel request, please contact your College or Division office.

If there are any questions on this process, please contact the Accounts Payable office in advance of your trip at x73158.

Travel Expense Report

1.When should the travel expense report be submitted?

Per the CSU Travel Policy, ALL travel expense reports should be submitted within 30 days of the end of the trip.

2.Are start and end times required on the travel expense report and if so - why???

Yes, start and end times must be recorded, as well as the dates of travel. There are accountability and liability issues involved and, by recording this information, you are providing a record of your actual official time on travel status for state business and your approving official is attesting to the veracity of it as well when signing off on the travel expense report.

When to Include a Justification

Additional information is requested when an expense appearing on a travel request or expense report is not clearly connected to the trip and an explanation is not provided as to the reason for the business expense.

Here are just a few examples where justification may be necessary:

  • Hotel receipt indicates more than one occupant.
  • Mileage for additional business conducted, but not explained.
  • Taxi trips for additional necessary business purposes.
  • Bills or credit card statements under a person's name other than the traveler.

Justification of these and other expenses may be included in the comment section of the Travel Request or Expense Report.

For questions regarding justifications, please contact the Accounts Payable Office at x73158.

If in doubt as to whether a justification is needed, please call.

Thank you!


1.Does the Defensive Driving requirement still apply under the new policy?

Yes. Any CSUSB employee driving on university business, using either a personal vehicle or a rental car, must have a current Defensive Driving card. Please see Parking Services website for more information.

2.Memberships and Travel

Memberships are not considered a travel expense. Occasionally, departments are faced with paying a combined membership and registration/conference fee. Departments are highly encouraged to pay using a department procard.

When paid by procard, the department should be submitting the entire charge/receipts with the procard statement, along with a justification for the membership portion; a copy of the receipt is also required to be submitted with the employee’s travel Expense Report through the travel system – however, only the registration/conference fee is recorded on the Expense Report.

If the employee used a travel advance to pay for a combined membership and registration/conference fee, the employee must only claim the registration/conference fee on the travel Expense Report; a direct expenditure form will need to be submitted to claim membership fee as a personal reimbursement. 

3.Does this travel policy apply to travel paid for through the University Enterprises Corporation, CSUSB Philanthropic Foundation, Associated Students Inc., or the Santos Manual Student Union?

While these entities' business practices often mirror the State side, there are differences. Please check with their business office as to actual policies/procedures applicable to your specific situation.

4. Candidates

All candidates should pay for their own travel costs upfront and then claim a reimbursement with the University after their trip has been completed. Candidate reimbursement for travel may only be reimbursed upon the completion of travel, or in the rare instance when the University cancels the interview.

  • Candidates may be reimbursed for their allowable business travel expenses. Candidates must follow the University travel policies currently in place
  • Candidates may not be issued a travel advance
  • Meals provided under the Hospitality policy cannot be included on Travel Expense Claim
  • Hotel arrangements should be made by the candidate and paid for in advance of the trip, which can be reimbursed upon the completion of the travel. The following hotels are contracted with CSUSB and offer discounted rates and convenient locations to the University. For the latest hotel discounted rates, please refer to the Procurement FAQ.
    1. Residence Inn by Marriott Rancho Cucamonga
    2. Hilton Garden Inn San Bernardino
    3. Double Tree by Hilton San Bernardino
  • Airfare arrangements should be made by the candidate and paid for in advance of the trip, which can be reimbursed upon the completion of the travel.

5.Independent Contractors:

  • Independent Contractors are considered “vendors” to the University, and as such, should include their travel expenses as part of their invoice for services rendered. All fees billed, including travel expenses, will be entered as 1099 tax reportable to the Independent Contractor at the end of the calendar year.
  • If an Independent Contractor wishes to be included in the University Accountable Plan, then the department will need to assist the vendor in abiding by the University Travel Policy and in creating a separate travel reimbursement payable to the Independent Contractor. The department will need to prepare a Travel Expense Claim on behalf of the Independent Contractor and include all original itemized receipts. The Independent Contractor’s fee for service will be considered reportable income; the travel reimbursement will be reviewed for possible reportable income.
  • Under no circumstances will an independent contractor be issued a travel advance

6.Student Assistants/Volunteers/Special Consultants:

  • Under the Hospitality Policy, travel expenses for guests of the university may be paid.
  • Employees hosting/escorting the guest to meals may be reimbursed via a Hospitality form.

7.Group Travel:

If your department has a need to plan group travel, please contact Mona Sinha (x73158, for assistance as soon as possible, as group travel often requires special arrangements months ahead of time.  Group travel is typically defined as a group of students traveling with a faculty or staff sponsor.

Concur General FAQ

On what browsers can Concur be used?

For the best possible experience and outcome please use the most recent version of the following:

Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

How should travel for undergrad student groups be handled?

University business travel for all non-employees, including undergraduate students should be handled using the same process that is currently in place. For additional help, contact the Travel Services at x73158.

How do I book group travel?

Group travel can be arranged by calling or emailing Christopherson Business Travel. Their contact information is 800-285-3603 or

If information regarding group travel requests and expense reporting is needed please contact Mona Sinha at 909-537-3158 or


Is there a mobile app?

Yes. Concur Mobile is an app which provides access to the Concur Travel & Expense System from your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Android device. With Concur Mobile you can:

  • View your travel itineraries and flight status updates
  • Book airfare, rental cars, and hotels for University travel
  • Capture receipt images with your smart phone or tablet and add to your receipt store
  • Create and submit expenses reports
  • Review and approve travel requests and expense reports (if you are an approver)

How do I assign a delegate?

Log into the mycoyote portal and select Concur, the blue TRAVEL suitcase, from the quick launch menu.  Click into profile settings and click on either request or expense delegates (they share delegates).  To add, click add and type in the person's last name and click on the name when it appears.  Then click the boxes for the access that is granted and save.  There is also a Profile and Delegate Settings powerpoint under the Concur tab to assist.

What is the User ID for Concur Travel and Expense?

Your Coyote ID and Password.

How do I Login to Concur Travel and Expense?

Go to Mycoyote , login using your mycoyote ID and password and click on the Concur Travel System icon (blue suitcase) from the quick launch menu.

Why should I use Concur Travel and Expense?

The system includes an online travel reservation system that is very similar to typical online travel reservation systems; built in business rules to assist travelers with the multiple travel rules; replaces the current paper intensive process; allows the traveler to do business via their smartphone with Concur's mobile app. All of which facilitate quicker reimbursements.

Do I have to use Concur Travel and Expense?

Campus users are strongly encouraged to use the Concur Travel and Expense electronic process to take advantage of administrative efficiencies, minimizing out-of-pocket expenses and potential cost savings to the university.  However, accounts payable will continue to process travel claims using the current paper based method as necessary for student business travel and candidate travel.

What is Concur Travel and Expense?

Concur Travel and Expense is a hosted, web-based system integrating a complete travel booking solution that includes electronic travel requests, travel booking options and electroinc expense reports.

Concur Pre-Trip FAQs

Will someone else be able to create my request on my behalf?

Yes. A delegate can create and submit travel requests on a traveler's behalf. For an expense report, a delegate can create the expense report, but the traveler is required to submit it. This replaces the signature requirement. Submitting a request or report can be done via the Concur Mobile App.

Will someone else be able to make my travel arrangements for me?

Yes. You can assign, in your profile, as many travel arrangers as needed. The implementation of Concur Travel and Expense should have no effect on who makes your travel arrangements. Go to your Profile and either scroll to the page to the “Assistants and Travel Arrangers” box, or click “Assistants/Arrangers” from the My Profile menu on the left side of the page. Click Add an Assistant to add the person who you would like to authorize to book your travel. This person can update your profile and make any travel arrangements for you. Arrangers or assistants must have their own login.

Will I be able to store frequent flyer or other loyalty program information?

Yes, this is done in the employee profile within Concur Travel and Expense.

What if I book outside of Concur Travel and Expense? How do I get reimbursed?

All reimbursements can be made by submitting an expense report in Concur. However, by not booking through Concur you will lose some of the efficiencies the system provides.

When do I need Pre-Trip Approval (also known as Request) ?

A request is required for all trips. However additional approvals (via the workflow) may be required for the following:

  • Departmental/Division pre-trip approval requirements
  • International
  • When a cash advance is requested
  • When hotel lodging per night rate exceeds $275 per night (excluding taxes)

Pre-trip approval is obtained through the submission of a Travel Request in the Concur Travel and Expense System.

What should I do the first time I log into Concur Travel and Expense?

The first time you log in, you should review your traveler profile for completeness and accuracy. You may also want to enter your travel arranger/assistant and any request or expense delegates you may have, along with any frequent flyer or reward membership information.

You should also go to EMAILS and verify your email address so receipts can be emailed into Concur, and placed in your available receipts area for use when creating your travel expense report after your trip.

How do I get cash advance in Concur Travel and Expense?

Under the Request tab, when completing the request header there is a section on the bottom to request a cash advance. You can request up to 80% of your out of pocket travel expenses.  The minimum cash advance per CSUSB policy is $200.00 and each traveler can have only one outstanding cash advance at a time.

Do I still need a travel authorization number when paying with my procurement card?

A travel authorization number is not available any longer.

When using the procurement card for payment registration or conference fees you will need to use the 4 digit travel request ID number found on your approved travel request in Concur to include on your procurement card statement.

Concur Booking FAQ

I am flying into one airport but need my car/hotel in different location. How do I make that request?

Do not choose a car/hotel while filling in your cities/dates on the main page. Continue through Concur Travel as if you are just doing an air only trip. Upon reserving your flight you will be presented with the Travel Details page. From this page you have the option to click on the icon Add Car/Add Hotel or Cancel Car/Cancel Hotel. This will allow you to choose where you want the car/hotel and for how long.

Can I book simple international reservations online?

Yes, you can book international travel in Concur Travel. Due to the complexity of international faring, routing and rules, it is recommended that all complex (more than 2 legs) international travel should be booked through our international agents. This dedicated group can check for the best airline rates and provide options as well as ensure you have proper travel documentation. If you just want to view international schedules you can do that on Concur Travel.

Will I have access to make reservations with all airlines, rental cars and hotels?

Yes. Concur offers the same inventory (Global Distribution System) as all of the airlines, rental cars, hotels and other travel agencies or travel systems offer. The advantage that Concur offers is they partner with JetBlue and Southwest Airlines as well as some parking facilities and private car/taxi services so their inventory is more complete than any others. It truly is a one stop service which should reduce the time spent finding the best travel arrangements.

What is the most efficient way to find the best flight schedule and price?

The system is set up to default the results to “search by price”. If you cannot find the flight you are looking for you can search by schedule which allows you to build your own itinerary. Simply choose the appropriate radio button before clicking Search on the main Travel center page. Search by Price will display itineraries Concur Travel suggests you take based on policy and may not show you all options or schedules.

In the past, Risk Management would provide an insurance card to those people travelling internationally. I know they run reports and still protect our travelers, but do the travelers still receive that insurance card to carry with them?

Travelers will receive an email from Risk Management with the appropriate insurance card and information after their travel request has been approved in Concur all necessary information has been provided.

What if I can get a conference rate for a hotel that is better than the search results in Concur Travel and Expense?

You should go ahead and book the hotel outside of Concur Travel and Expense using your desired method of payment. There will be an opportunity to add it to your itinerary when booking your airfare, if applicable.

If someone was traveling internationally and it was easier/more cost effective to email Christopherson Business Travel instead of calling, what is the response time?

Same day response; could be within 2 hours but will be within 24 hours.

How do I pay for my travel reservations?

When booking through Concur, airfare will be direct billed to your department. The traveler will need to provide their approved travel request ID number and their department chartfield string. For hotel or rental car reservations your profile will store your personal credit card number as a default for deposits. This site is secure and fully encrypted. You will have a choice to change your default credit card if you wish when making the reservation. 

A user can book economy plus (a seat upgrade on a flight), and typically has to call the airline to do this for no fee. Can s/he now do this through the system? Should s/he call Christopherson Business Travel?

It’s not during the booking process in Concur Travel, generally this is done when the boarding passes are obtained online or by contacting the airline directly after your flight has been confirmed. 

If travelling and the first leg is domestic and the second leg is international ,how should this be handled in Concur?

You should review your funding source guidelines for domestic (in or out of state) and international travel. If it is allowable, the trip should be combined and labeled as international travel. If it should be separate, it would be two trips, one domestic (in or out of state) and one international.

How are unused tickets tracked? How are they used?

Each time you make an airline reservation, Concur Travel will automatically check to see if your unused ticket can be used towards the purchase of your new airline ticket. Christopherson Business Travel will make all attempts to utilize unused tickets however they cannot always guarantee it will be used since airline rules vary depending on many different criteria such as pricing, city pairs, date of travel, etc.

Where can I see my itinerary?

Concur Travel will send your itinerary to you immediately after you confirm the trip. Christopherson Business Travel will then email your final itinerary when it is ticketed. In addition, you can view your itinerary from the Trip List section on the My Concur page or your trip library after clicking the Travel tab at the top of the page.

What if I need to change the existing reservations?

To modify your trip, click the name of the trip on the Upcoming Trips section of My Concur and then click Change Trip.  You can also contact Christopherson Business Travel if needed.  Their contact information is found on by clicking the travel tab at the top of the page.

Concur Expense FAQ

What are e-Receipts in Concur?

eReceipts are electronic itemized receipts that can be accepted in lieu of a scanned or attached receipt file. Employees are able to receive eReceipts for transactions from vendors who have an eReceipt agreement with Concur.

When will my travel charges post to CFS?

All expenses will be extracted from Concur Travel and Expense and posted to CFS after the expense report is fully approved and paid.

How do I account for expenses I incurred on behalf of another employee while on an approved group tour?

Per the CSU travel policy only the traveler’s expenses may be reflected on the expense report unless prior approval has been received by Accounts Payable, such as for student group or Athletics travel.

What should I do with my original receipts?

Employees should keep original receipts until the report is fully approved and reimbursement received. In case the scanned/emailed receipts cannot be read, you will be able to re-attach them to the report in Concur Expense. 

Will someone else be able to create my expense report on my behalf?

Yes. A delegate can create expense reports on a traveler's behalf. A delegate can create the reports, but the traveler is required to submit it because this is the certification that the expenses are business related. Submitting a travel expense report can be done via the Concur mobile app!

How far back are the records kept in system of past trips and expense records?

The traveler can view back at least 12 months of their own expense reports:


Active Reports


Some registration still require a check to be provided and do not accept credit card. How should this expense be paid for?

The traveler would pay for the registration out of pocket, get a receipt and add the expense to their expense report for reimbursement.

How far are the records kept in the system of past trips and expense trips?

The traveler can view back at least 12 months of their own expense reports.

Can an e-Receipt be sent to someone's personal email address?

No, e-receipts cannot be sent to an e-mail address. The e-receipt is accessible through the Receipt Store in Concur. Once the e-receipt is attached to an expense, it will be viewable through the Expense Report.

How do I verify my email to send receipts to Concur?

In the user profile, click on email addresses on the left side.  You can enter up to 3 emails to verify.  Choose the email, click the verify button and you will receive an email from Concur.  Enter the code found in the email in the box that has appeared on the email verification page.  (A user can verify up to 3 email addresses in Concur.)  After verification has taken place a traveler can take a picture of a receipt and email to "" from a verified email and the receipt will appear in the available receipts for use when creating an expense report.

Concur Mobile App FAQ

Can a user capture an image of the receipt and attach the image to the expense?

Yes. All receipt images, captured by the mobile device's camera, will upload into the available receipts area in Expense immediately or the next time the mobile app connects to the Internet.  Remember you must have a verified email in your Concur profile so Concur knows what account to send the receipt to.

Can my delegate manage my expense and reports via the mobile app?

The mobile app does not support delegates or proxies.

How does a user re-set his/her pin?

Users can reset the mobile PIN on the Mobile Registration page (Profile > Mobile Registration in the web version of Concur).

How does a user install Concur's mobile apps?

Because of the single sign on requirement at CSUSB, click on the Apps tab on your Concur landing page and the mobile app can be added from there.

How does Concur ensure that personal information remains secure?

Concur's mobile app is designed to conduct transactions without transmitting sensitive credit card or other personal data. Clients' credit card information stays in Concur's secure data center only – not on the mobile device.

Is there a fee for mobile app?

No. There is no additional charge to install or use the mobile app.

Which travel Request features are available using Concur's mobile app?

A Travel Request Approver can use Concur's mobile app to view header, segment, and expected expense information as well as images. The approver can then approve the travel request or send it back to the travel request user.

Which mobile devices can be used with the mobile app?

Currently, the app can be used with the BlackBerry, Android, iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.

What corporate card information is stored on the mobile device?

The only piece of card information that is held on the mobile device is the name the user has set up for the corporate card (in Profile in the web version of Concur) and the last 4 digits. The full card number is never displayed on the device.

Does the mobile app offer the same functionality as Concur's full-featured , web based service?

This app is a mobile companion to Travel & Expense – offering the flexibility to perform tasks from a mobile device. While it complements Concur's end-to-end solution functionality, it does not contain full functionality.

Can a traveler restrict the search to see only hotel properties that support e-receipts?

No, hotels that provide e-receipts will be in search results but will not be noted.

How is Concur's mobile app useful?

The solution enables business travelers to access important travel and expense information when it isn't easy to use a laptop that's connected to the Internet, such as in the back of a cab or in a meeting. Concur's mobile app is a natural extension of Concur's full-featured, web-based service. With the mobile app, travelers can manage trips and expenses, and add items such as taxis, hotels, and rental cars, approvers can approve requests and reports – all from a mobile device.

Can a traveler change his/her itinerary?

Yes. A traveler can change his/her itinerary such as add or cancel hotels, taxis, or rental cars. Flight information cannot be changed using the mobile app.

With the Concur's mobile app , can a traveler manage his/her trip itinerary?

A traveler can view his/her itineraries, with details about flights, hotels, rental cars, vendors, and maps.

All device users can search for and book rental car, hotel, and Amtrak (flights cannot be booked using the mobile app).