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Non-employee Travel Reimbursement Process

Non-employee Travel Reimbursement Process

Non-employee reimbursement process is now possible through Concur. Please review the below points for the step by step process in getting a student and a candidate Travel reimbursed through Concur. 

  • A Delegate, is notified that a non-employee, needs to be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred 
  • The non-employee supplies receipts for the expenses incurred to the Delegate
  • The Delegate proceeds with the following actions:
    • Notifies the Accounts Payable Travel Coordinator to establish the vendor id for the non-employee, and provides payee details, through a spreadsheet. Please find the Non-employee Spreadsheet Template below.
    • Once the vendor is established, the Delegate completes the expense report in Concur and provide updates to the Travel Coordinator.
  • The expense report goes through the DACS approval process (already inbuilt), and once the report is approved, the non-employee gets reimbursed. 

Non-Employee Spreadsheet Template


All candidates should pay for their own travel costs upfront and then claim a reimbursement with the University after their trip has been completed. Candidate reimbursement for travel may only be reimbursed upon the completion of travel, or in the rare instance when the University cancels the interview.

  • Candidates may be reimbursed for their allowable business travel expenses. Candidates must follow the University travel policies currently in place
  • Candidates may not be issued a travel advance
  • Meals provided under the Hospitality policy cannot be included on Travel Expense Claim
  • Hotel arrangements should be made by the candidate and paid for in advance of the trip, which can be reimbursed upon the completion of the travel. The following hotels are contracted with CSUSB and offer discounted rates and convenient locations to the University. For the latest hotel discounted rates, please refer to Hotel Discounts.
    • Residence Inn by Marriott, Rancho Cucamonga
    • Hilton Garden Inn, San Bernardino
    • Double Tree by Hilton, San Bernardino

Students and Non-Degree Candidates

A student may be reimbursed for travel expenses when there is a direct connection between the expense and the business purposes of the University. Refer to Executive Order 1041 for the Release of Liability, Promise Not to Sue, Assumption of Risk and Agreement to Pay Claims requirement. The business purpose of the travel must be substantiated on the Travel Expense Claim, or other substantiating documentation must be provided, such as a copy of the meeting/conference program. Travel will be considered to have a University business purpose if the travel:

  • Directly supports a faculty member's project or research program, or
  • Is an integral part of the student's degree work, e.g. attend a conference; visit a field site or laboratory facility, or
  • Is required for attendance at student-oriented meetings, student government events, University athletic events by student athletes, and the like, or
  • Enables the student to attend a conference to present research findings for the University or to act in some other capacity on behalf of the University