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Student Assistant Timesheet

Students are required to complete a monthly time sheet to receive monetary compensation for the services they provide.

When completing the time sheet be sure to download in Adobe. A timesheet should be an accurate listing of the actual time and dates worked under that specific month.

The supervisor will verify that the hours worked are accurate. This document is the student's record of hours worked for the pay period. The supervisor will submit the student's monthly hours to the payroll reporter or directly to payroll on a Student Assistant Listing (Payroll) . Students must be paid for all hours worked. Hours cannot be rolled over on to the next month’s timesheet.

The following information should be checked on the time sheet for accuracy:

  • No hours for a payroll period other than the one reported
  • Partial hours reported in .10 increments
  • The 20 hour per week limitation/40 hours during authorized vacation periods
  • Correct mathematical calculations
  • Class schedule information completed
  • Timesheet signed by student and supervisor
  • All corrections on time sheet are initialed by student and supervisor in ink
  • No paid lunch: the Fair Labor Standards Act mandates a 30-minute unpaid break be provided for every 6 hours worked per day
  • Students are entitled to a 15-minute paid break for every 4 consecutive hours worked

Students may enroll in Direct Deposit. Those who do not may pick up their monthly paychecks at the Bursar's Office in University Hall, Room 035.