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Undergraduate Program

The major in political science is designed for students who desire a liberal arts program with an emphasis on politics, government and public policy; plan a career in government service or public administration; seek training for positions in foreign service agencies of the United States government, international organizations or corporations; intend to study law; wish to prepare for teaching in the public schools; or intend to work for advanced degrees in political science in preparation for college or university teaching or for government service.


To view the degree requirements for the B.A. in Political Science, please visit the campus catalog. 

Program Learning Outcomes, B.A. Political Science

At the completion of the B.A. program, students will have met the following objectives:

1: Students will have experience as active participants in politics and/or academic organizations within the discipline of political science.

2: Students will be able to evaluate the institutions of politics.

3: Students will be able to evaluate the theories of politics.

4: Students will be able to evaluate the policies of politics.

5: The department expects the graduating political science majors have attained the necessary critical thinking skills leading to lifelong learning, as found in

written communication.