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NSS Degree Requirements

Students should purchase a CSUSB Bulletin during the Academic Year they are accepted into the M.A. program for the most up-to-date requirements and obligations.

Students are strongly encouraged to take a course of study in a second language. A second language, particularly in a strategic language with a high degree of proficiency, can receive a hiring bonus; but any competency in a second language can make the student more attractive to federal agencies. Language study does not count towards graduate credit.

The Master of Arts in National Security Studies is a professionally oriented, interdisciplinary, graduate-level program housed within the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. The program is intended for evening students primarily and, therefore, classes are predominantly scheduled between 6 and 10 p.m.

Program Learning Outcomes, M.A. National Security Studies

At the completion of the M.A. program, students will have met the following objectives:

1: Graduate students will be able to evaluate the major institutions that develop national security.

2: Graduate students will be able to evaluate the theories and concepts of national security.

3: Graduate students will be able to evaluate the major policies and strategies of national security.

4: Graduate students will be able to communicate effectively in writing, leading to lifelong learning.