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800-875: Teaching / Research / Students

800-875: Teaching / Research / Students
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803.5 (Academic Dishonesty): Student Academic Dishonesty
803.65 (Academic Grievance): Student Academic Grievance Procedures 
805 CSUSB Advising
806.43 (Animal Care): Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
807.3 (Assessment): Subject Matter Assessment [Repealed]
807.65 (Attire): Recommendations on attire for Students in On-Campus or Clinical Supervision Classes

Calendars: The Academic Year

818-820 Classes/Courses

Curriculum Guidelines


(Disciplinary Procedures): Student Disciplinary Procedures


Distributed Learning Policy

831.75 Enrollment: Policy Concerning Simultaneous Enrollment
832.4 Examinations: Final Examinations 
835.65 Faculty Publications: Printing and Selling Faculty Publications on Campus

Field Trips

838.4 General Education: Policy Concerning Guidelines for the General Education Program
840 Grades
840.4 Policy on Grades  
840.72 Student Grade Posting Policy  





Graduate Programs
841.3 (Admissions): Graduate Student Admissions Policy    
841.33: Coyote Accelerated Post-Baccalaureate Education (CAPE) Blended Programs Policy    
841.36 (Council): Graduate Council Policy  
841.4 (Degree): College of Extended Learning Registration for Certain Zero-Unit Graduate Courses  
841.97 (Writing Requirement): Writing Requirement for Graduate Candidacy  

Honors Program

845.72 (Human Subjects): Institutional Review Board (IRB) 

Independent Study

848.3 Insurance Coverage for Scheduled Student Travel
849.8 (ITFS): Policy on Instructional Television Fixed Services (ITFS)  [Repealed]

Office Hours

854.34 Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity Committee 
854.4 (Professional Development: FPDCC): Faculty Professional Development Program
856.3 (Discontinuance/Merger): Policy and Procedures for Reviewing a Program for Discontinuance or Merger
856.6 Academic Program Review
859.45 (Risk Management): Guidelines for Minimizing Risks for Potentially Hazardous Student Programs and Activities
863 (Sponsored Programs): Administration of Sponsored Programs
866.7 Summer Sessions
871 Teaching Resources
872.2 Policy on Sale of Self-Authored Course Materials 
873.1 Credit for Prior Learning Acquired through Experience