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Committee for Centers and Institutes

The Committee for Centers and Institutes (CCI) is responsible for:

  • Reviewing proposals for the creation of centers and institutes and referring the proposals to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate for action;
  • Reviewing annual reports and conducting periodic reviews for centers and institutes and make recommendations on their status to the Faculty Senate, Provost, and President
  • Completing annual updates on the center and institute automated system, including inputting current contact information for CI directors and reporting persons; 
  • Conducting administration and oversight of the completion, submission, tracking, and storage of center and institute proposals, annual reports, and the procedures for periodic review;
  • Coordinating support and, where appropriate, fostering collaboration among centers and institutes across campus.
  • Providing the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate a report at the end of each semester that includes the status of all CI annual reports and a summary of other committee activities related to the duties described above.
CCI Membership
Member Represents Term
Jonathan Anthony Robinson College of Arts & Letters 2023-2025
VACANT Watson College of Education 2024-2026
VACANT College of Natural Sciences 2024-2026
John Reitzel College of Social & Behavioral Sciences 2023-2025
Conrad Shayo Jack H Brown College 2023-2025
VACANT Director of a Center or Institute 2024-2026
Eric Vogelsang Director of a Center or Institute 2023-2025
VACANT Student Representative 2024-2025

2023-2024 Annual Reports

Community Counseling Center (CCC)  Review – Spring 2024

Center for the Advancement of Second Language Acquisition Review – Spring 2024

Center for Indigenous Peoples Studies Review – Spring 2024

Center for Health Equity Review – Spring 2024 

Center for the Study of Correctional Education (CSCE) Review – Spring 2024 

Center for the Study of Muslim & Arab Worlds Review – Spring 2024

Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE) Review 2023-2024

Institute for Applied Research and Policy Analysis (IAR) Review – Spring 2024

Institute for Child Development and Family Relations (ICDFR) – Spring 2024

Institute for Watershed Resiliency (IWR) Review – Spring 2024

Learning Research Institute Review - Spring 2024

OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute Review – Spring 2024

Watson & Associates Literacy Center (WALC) Review – Spring 2024