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Campus Space & Facility Reports

Campus Space Report

This report contains detailed space information of assignable square feet, organizational unit, level of instruction, type of space, type of station, number of stations, full-time equivalent and room status


Campus Facility Report

This report contains the current facility detail information, such as the category code, status code, ownership code, gross square feet, assignable square feet, and completion date


Campus Complete Space Report by Facility

This extensive report contains detail and summary space information of assignable square feet, number of spaces, and the number of work stations, arranged by facility, type of space, organizational unit, and lab groupings. Note: Although included in this report as assignable square feet, space codes 1000 through 1009 are considered non-assignable square feet.


Campus Capacity Report by Facility

This report contains summarized seating capacity information grouped by facility. The information displayed is totals of lecture and lab station count and computed FTES, faculty office stations and faculty administration stations.