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Online Instruction: Definitions applicable to all types of online instruction

Asynchronous Learning: A learning environment in which everyone participates at different times. Examples are email, online discussion forums, message boards, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Synchronous Learning: A learning environment in which everyone participates at the same time.

Online Instruction: Education in which instruction and content are delivered primarily over the Internet for course completion and earned credit.



What is the Early Start Program (ESP)?

The goal of Early Start is to prepare students in written communication and math/quantitative reasoning before their first university term, thereby improving their chances of successful completion of a baccalaureate degree.

Why am I invited to the Early Start Program (ESP)?

Eligibility to participate was based on multiple academic measures including your SAT or ACT, CAASPP EAP, high school GPA and high school coursework.

Learn more about multiple measures.

What about Orientation?

Registration for Orientation is different from participation in Early Start. You must register separately for Orientation in myCoyote under My Tasks, then Orientation Registration.

You can find orientation dates on the First Year Orientation website

What happens if I do not participate in the program?

CSUSB is committed to ensuring that our students are successful. If you do not participate in the program, you should make sure to take advantage of additional academic services during the fall such as the writing center, tutoring center and supplemental instruction.

Is the Early Start Program online?

Early Start Math will be face-to-face instruction. The English course will be an asynchronous experience. 

Learn more about synchronous and asynchronous

What do I need as far as technology resources to succeed in the program?

To be successful in this program you will need a laptop or tablet (such as an iPad) and reliable internet access. CSUSB has devices you can borrow including laptops and internet hotspots. 


How much does the Early Start Program cost?

All students attending CSUSB in the fall will be given a fee waiver so, this is a FREE program.