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Important Links for Students

Below you will find links to important resources to help you prepare for Coyote First STEP at CSUSB:

Inland Empire Students - This website includes a collection of information and resources to help Inland Empire students make a successful transition to college amidst COVID-19.

Online Instruction: Definitions applicable to all types of online instruction

Asynchronous Learning: A learning environment in which everyone participates at different times. Examples are email, online discussion forums, message boards, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Synchronous Learning: A learning environment in which everyone participates at the same time.

Online Instruction: Education in which instruction and content are delivered primarily over the Internet for course completion and earned credit.


What is Coyote First STEP (CFS)?

Coyote First STEP (CFS) is a program for students who are needing skills development in math and plan to attend CSUSB in fall. Students will take a free math course and a Freshman Learning Community course to engage in activities designed to promote college success. Summer 2021 will be a fully online 10-week program for that will meet twice a week.

What is the Early Start Program (ESP)?

The Early Start Program serves CSU admitted first year students requiring skills development in written communication and/or mathematics/quantitative reasoning. The goals of Early Start are to better prepare students in written communication and math/quantitative reasoning before their first university term, thereby improving their chances of successful completion of a baccalaureate degree.

Why am I invited to attend Coyote First STEP (CFS)?

Eligibility to participate was based on multiple academic measures including your SAT or ACT, CAASPP EAP, high school GPA and high school coursework.

Learn more about multiple measures

*Important Update: The CSU recognizes that due to COVID-19 disruptions, standardized assessment test results (CAASPP/EAP, ACT, SAT, AP, IB, CLEP) may not be available. In absence of test results, CSU campuses will use high school GPA, high school math GPA, high school and college coursework to evaluate a student's placement in GE English and math/quantitative reasoning courses. Students with assessment test results should submit results for the purpose of placement evaluation. 

Please Note: ACT and SAT results will not be used for 21-22 CSU admission.

What about Orientation?

Please note by participating in CFS, your mandatory university Orientation session cannot conflict or overlap with this program. For example, if you register for CFS on Mon/Wed, your Orientation session date may not be on a Mon/Wed. Registration for Orientation is different from CFS registration. You will need to register separately for Orientation in myCoyote under My Tasks, then Orientation Registration.

Orientation dates can be found on the First Year Orientation website. 

What happens if I do not participate in the program?

CSUSB is committed to ensuring that our students are successful. If you do not participate in the program, you should make sure to take advantage of additional academic services during the fall such as the writing center, tutoring center and supplemental instruction.

If students do not take the math course in the summer, you will be required to take the course in the fall and tuition fees will apply. If you do not take the English course in the summer, you do not take the course in the fall (it is only offered in the summer).

Is Coyote First STEP online?

Yes, for summer 2021 due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, CFS will be online. The English course will be an asynchronous experience and math will be a synchronous course with designated participation times. 

Learn more about synchronous and asynchronous

What do I need as far as technology resources to succeed in the program?

To be successful in this program you will need a laptop or tablet (such as an iPad) and reliable internet access. CSUSB has devices you can borrow including laptops and internet hotspots. After the registration deadline, an email will be sent that includes a survey for Program Materials confirmation. In this survey you will indicate if you would like to request to borrow any technology items. All requested technology must be picked up in person during the designated Drive-Thru events. 

If you are unable to attend any of the Drive-Thru events, please contact us immediately at

How much does Coyote First STEP cost?

All students attending CSUSB in the fall will be given a fee waiver so, this is a FREE program.

As an online program, there are no parking fees. All course materials are included including textbooks.

How do I enroll in Early Start or Coyote First STEP?

Registration opens Monday, May 3, 2021. Log into myCoyote, go to the Student Center and then click the Early Start Program link. Need Guidance? Attend a registration workshop or download the Registration Guide

The Registration Deadline is Saturday, May 15, 2021

If you miss the registration deadline but it is before June 1, 2021 you may contact CFS program staff by phone (909) 537-5032 or email

How do I know what course to enroll in?

Your invitation email includes the subject recommended for enrollment.
Math: Students will enroll in Math 1102, 1202, 1302 or 1402. The most appropriate math course for your GE math pathway is determined by your admitted academic major. Visit this list of classes by academic major
English: Students will enroll in Early Start English (ESE 1050)

If you are unsure which subject to enroll, contact us at (909) 537-5032 or email Make sure your email includes Coyote First STEP in the subject line and don’t forget to include your full name and CSUSB student ID number.

Will I have to take both math and English courses?

No, you will only need to take one course!

Students who are academically placed as needing support in both math and English will be asked to enroll in math. This is especially important for students with a STEM major or math intensive major. 

What happens if I do not pass my class?


Math: If you complete the math course, but do not pass, you will be required to repeat the course in the fall semester. Speak with an Academic Advisor to determine which math stretch sequence is appropriate based on major. 

English: English courses for fall are selected through the Directed Self-Placement. If you complete the Early Start English course, but do not pass, you will not be required to repeat the course. Speak with an Academic Advisor to assist with the appropriate fall courses. 

Students are expected to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to maintain financial aid eligibility (including GPA requirements). Please visit the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships website for details about SAP: