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Open University Spring

Registration for Spring classes begins January 22, 2024.

Spring 2024 Registration

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Registration Information

Effective January 22, 2024, Open University students will be allowed to register for undergraduate courses with available seats on the first day of the term through the census date. Instructor approval/signature is required when submitting the registration form. At the time of registration, on the first day of classes, January 22, the Department chair's approval/signature will only be required if: 1) the class is full, 2) the student does not meet the prerequisite requirements; 3) the student is attempting to add during the third week of the term, or 4) the course is a graduate-level course.


Important Spring Session Dates  
Day / Date Description
Jan. 20
First day of term.
Jan. 22
First-day payment and registration form will be accepted.
Feb. 05

Final day to pay and register without a late fee of $25 per class. After this date, registration Forms will require both the instructor's and the department chair’s signatures.

Feb. 16
Census - Final day to register and pay. Students must petition to add after census after this date.
Withdrawal and Refund Dates
Day / Date


Feb. 16
Last day for students to drop before census from classes without record and receive a 65% refund.  At no time are 100% refunds issued.
Feb. 17 

Refunds for dropped classes are no longer issued. Withdrawals after this date will be permissible only for serious and compelling reasons, and students will receive a “Withdrawal” on their records.